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What happens when what happens in Ukraine will stop being in the news?

And yet, adults REALLY like when you say that you have rational reasons to do this or that, which reminds me of what the book “The Little Prince” was about:

Adults are dull, imagination-less creatures. They are literal, and the only truth is the truth they see with their eyes, trapping them within their self-made limitations.

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Observation 👀 People (adults) are happy when you rationalize things: behavior, buying decisions, words you say, countries you attack.

But sometimes, why you’re doing things is driven by gut, emotion, or even phantasies/illusions. In fact, you could argue that we’re being emotionally close to 100% of the time, because it’s natural for us to be emotional.



When a celebrity trends on Twitter, you check if they’re dead. When Chernobyl trends on Twitter, you check if you’re dead.

Good one, Putin, you venomous fart muppet.

I know JUST LISTENING is hard, but it’s worth doing it.

Try having a conversation and just listen. Then ask if the person would like to receive feedback.

It’s hard, but doable.

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When did being transparent about things become an open invitation for people to give advice?

Opening up doesn’t always mean you’re asking for advice.

Sharing things can also just be about sharing it, so the other person knows; that’s it.

I’ve encountered now multiple times that some people tend to mistake sharing things openly, in a vulnerable and transparent manner, with a cry for help, and it makes them believe they need to help you or give you advice or give you answers you didn’t ask for.

A “quick-n-dirty” visual i made for in

It was originally intended for my neighborhood speaking Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, English, and German.

But I decided to share it online too–ready for print!

Enjoy, and as you do make sure to push peace ✌️ forward.

⭐️ Fave episode: Shaun Benson from The Boys and Tiny Pretty Things - Part 1

And part 2 as well:


There you have it, my top three plus one podcast recommendations. Of course, there are many more I listen to. But these are the ones that impressed me the most.

What are your top 3 podcasts?

Let me know :)

- Alex


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## 3 - Acting with Asha

Asha is a voice actress herself, but she also does screen-acting. I enjoy her blunt and transparent insight into her world of acting, it feels very close and relatable (trying not to use the overused word “authentic” but, yeah, that’s how I feel listening to her and her stories as a working actress based in London and having Mauritanian roots).



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## 2 - Backstage Pass with Eric Vetro

I had learned about Eric Veto and his podcast through another podcast (episode), namely, [Kirk Hamilton’s fantastic “Strong Songs” podcast](, where one episode was literally called “Singing Like A Star, with Eric Vetro (”.


⭐️ Fave episode: Vanessa Hudgens


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Then it only makes sense to really indulge into that characteristic of VO and actively seek these areas for inspiration: music/sound, acting, singing.

Therefore, here are my top 3 podcast recommendations and 1 favorite episode of each:

## 1 - Twenty Thousand Hertz

Super high-quality episodes, really high level, and with Dallas Taylor hosting it.


⭐️ Fave episode: Evolution of Accents


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My Top 3 Podcast Recommendations for Singing VOs and Sound Lovers and (Voice) Actors

Twenty Thousand Hertz

Backstage Pass with Eric Vetro

Acting with Asha

With voiceover being such a crossover way of expressing oneself (and clients’ tone of voice), we find ourselves in between sound engineering, using our vocal folds like singers, and performing in character through the art and craft of acting.



But don’t forget about the bright future ahead: Metaverse...

Metaverse makes matters worse.

Because if marketers ruin everything, and politicians go bonkers regularly, then it’s only a matter of time for the arrival of VR War (Virtual WW III).

I’m yet still hopeful, regarding humanity, but if Russian people in power with too small penises express their (lack of) self-worth through war, we have a (psychological) problem.

Krieg, scheiße.
Frieden, gut.

War, don’t like.
Peace, me like.

War always sucks

Anywhere. Anytime. Initiated by anyone.


.epub files can be extracted with the (macOS) and you get access to the HTML files, images, and fonts that were used.

Voiceover Promotion Strategy

tl;dr: Go from reel to real

1. Create a great demo reel (as soon as you’re demo-ready)
2. Contact multipliers* leading with your demo at 10X effort
3. Get jobs through multipliers* and now lead your marketing with real jobs instead of your reel

The goal is to get out of the “reel” phase into the “real” phase.

*Multipliers are not individual end clients but production houses and recording studios, et cetera.

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