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I used amphetamine.

And I got addicted.

Ok, let me rephrase.

I’ve started using "Amphetamine".

Amphetamine is a macOS app that keeps my Mac awake.

I needed Amphetamine because I needed to uploaded my Basecamp exports (a ~4GB .zip file) to my Vault. It never worked because my Mac fell asleep before the upload had finished. With Amphetamine it worked!

1. Keep the only planet we have in as pristine a condition as we can

2. Find another planet to halve our risk of extinction

Capitalists: Fuck #1, but #2 sounds like fun.

Just released Auto Encrypt version 2.0.6

(Auto Encrypt provides automatic Let’s Encrypt certificate provisioning for Node.js)

- Fixes an assignment to constant that would have crashed when a `Retry-After` header was received from Let’s Encrypt.

- Also improves developer documentation.

npm i @small-tech/auto-encrypt

#AutoEncrypt #SmallTech #NodeJS #js

Just released @small-tech/https version 2.1.1

(Replace Node’s https package with @small-tech/https and get automatically-provisioned Let’s Encrypt certificates in production and automatically-provisioned mkcert certificates during development.)

npm i @small-tech/https

#https #TLS #SmallTech #SmallWeb #JS #NodeJS

Kicking off day 1/7 of sabbatical 2/7 in 2021 with a song that I first listened to and watched when I used Windows 95 back in the 90s:

Good Times - Edie Brickell

“Good times, bad times, give me some of that…”

It’s funny that this song keeps popping up in my head every now and then - after 20+ years. *krehzy*

I took the red pill 💊 and said bye-bye to Big Tech - in this case facebook, twitter, linkedin.

Will only stay on non-Big-Tech-owned communities incl. my own Mastodon instance of course.

What happens when you spice up Western rock ‘n’ roll and funk with East African vibes?

For example, "The King of Sudanese Jazz" by Sharhabil Ahmed, released by Berlin-based Habibi Funk Records

Lust auf keine Depressionen mehr? BCI (Brain Computer Interface) kann laut Valve-Chef Gabe Newell dafür sorgen, dass du deine Wunsch-Stimmung selbst definierst. Innovationstreiber ist hierbei Gaming.

Hier der Artikel:

Adtech collects data about people which is fed into algorithms.

Algorithms use the data to feed more “engaging” content to people. This content is often sensational and can drive people down “rabbit holes”.

Rabbit holes are where most irresponsible, fanatical and inflammatory content lurks. It can lead to radicalisation.

Radicalisation leads to nothing but trouble.

(c) Bob Hoffman 2021


I’m a messenger.

Don’t kill the messenger.

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The straight line between AdTech and Radicalisation:

AdTech › Algorithms › Rabbit Holes › Radicalisation

(c) Bob Hoffman 2021


I know there are services like to get a quick and easy donation form but I would like to keep the third-party fees to a minimum.

So, is it easily possible through Stripe’s documentation to build a form like the one you have on

Or is it more technically advanced to implement that?

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Oh and @aral, your recommendation for Svelte was really cool. I found a nice complete tutorial about it that explained it well.

I also look forward to the integration into SiteJS.

And if you don’t mind, I have another technical question: On your Fund Us page you have an elegant Stripe-powered donation form.

For my own project (a story production company) I want to integrate a donation form that features one-off donations and recurring ones to support our original stories.

@aral @laura

Can I expect an answer from you if I send an email to

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Hi @aral and @laura, it’s super cool that you’re doing weekly livestreams now. I might not be able to tune in live but I watched your second one the other night like eating a piece of chocolate - with pleasure and joy :)

I’m an obvious fan of what you’re doing, and while I can’t help you out with coding skills or donations, I can do my best to spread the word.

And regarding the latter, I have an idea that requires you to only say YES or NO. But it requires more space than a toot.

own your life without getting cocky

(and while you’re busy owning, have some slides on the snoooooow)

Hi @aral, for a new website I want to give a real shot.

I want to see how bullet- and fool-proof it is for someone like me who is not a super hardcore tech guy.

I like how is made - it’s fast responsive and when you click an article it nicely hovers over the rest of the website.

Would say that achieving this kind of site with Site.js is possible and possible easily?

"Email a Dumpster Fire" answers the 2020 COVID-19 question…

"Can email be a conduit for catharsis? If you could type out an email, press send, and see it being consumed in an actual dumpster fire, would it help reclaim a little bit of what we've lost?"

Search Engine for Developers?

Yep. It’s Devbook!

With this macOS-only app you can search StackOverflow and GitHub for questions or code.

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