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I believe I’ve found my fave font pairing*

1. Recoleta
2. Integral CF
3. Sofia

Thanks to typewolf:

*for (nothing to see yet)

I’m feeling mesmerized by this immersive audio narration

Billain - Nomad's Travel [ Immersive narrative video ] 8K

As a human, something doesn’t feel right with the increase in everyday velocity.

I would even argue that the speed we’re supposed to function at nowadays is not meant for humans anymore, like against our human nature.

This high-speed is to be parsed by a machine, or what’s in between - the half-computer half-human cyborg that we are currently becoming.

Here’s something where everyday velocity seems more compatible to us humans:

Wenn man schneller eingießt, kommt mehr raus.

(Weisheiten mit fast leeren Saftpackungen)

Our Product Hunt launch results:

Featured twice on Twitter
Featured in the daily and weekly newsletters
27 reviews with score 4.8/5
2,560 unique visitors
44% bounce rate
Average visit duration 1m 45s
36 trial signups

An ad that is a tutorial that is an ad.

Watch this well-executed video by Descript:


“Nobody watches ads. People watch what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.” (Howard Luck Gossage*, a 1960s adman)

*I slightly adapted the quote cuz people _watch_ ads nowadays, they don’t necessarily _read_ them anymore.

# How to present:

1. Say what you’re going to show
2. Show it
3. Summarize what you’ve just shown

Ready to lose your reputation in 4 days?

Facebook is the best place for that.

Ask Cambodian monk Luon Sovath, a human rights activist who had to flee Cambodia because of misinformation spread through a fake Facebook page.

Read the NY Times article:

And only when answered yes, do I build up a fascination for the company and its product.

It’s a bit like the curse of knowledge, but I guess I’ll get used to it.

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What really pisses me off is that my joy (for technology, innovation, and the latest “cutting-edge pony” to admire) has shrunk because as I’ve learned over the years that how you make money (ethically) is equally important as the outcome of the company’s R&D and their flagship product.

So, my thought process has become:

1. Does the company offer a great product? Cool.
2. Is their business model ethical and transparent so that even I can understand it?

12 minutes of *really* purifying piano music improvised by a fellow artist

I loved every second, and it made me smile from the inside out

What I like about learning…

The thing you hated the most in the beginning (when you didn’t know how to do it) becomes the thing you’ll love the most—after you’ve learned it.

One exception: Math. Math is still and will always be an a**hole :P


Just a quick appeal:

@peertube , the Fediverse's video sharing platform, is having a fundraising drive to get PeerTube v3 done, which features lots of major improvements including video livestreaming.

You can find out more and donate to the crowdfunding on the roadmap page:

#PeerTube #Fediverse #ActivityPub #LiveStreaming #LiveStream #Streaming #YouTube #Twitch #Alternatives #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre

w00t! Just had my first successful sync with Site.js under Windows :)

Need to test it properly tomorrow but with the next release Site.js will have full feature parity across Linux, macOS, and Windows 10.

(Deployment use is limited to operating systems that have systemd.)

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cant help it but when i'm watching video age's aearostor, i'm hearing so much darwin deez radar detector

The first step of any creator hoping for lasting success—whether for ten years or ten centuries—is to accept that hope has nothing to do with it.

To be great, one must make great work, and making great work is incredibly hard. It must be our primary focus.

We must set out, from the beginning, with complete and total commitment to the idea that our best chance of success starts during the creative process.

Do go make and share. Do what you can’t.

I did a video analysis of Sakshi’s Voice’s copywriting.

Sakshi’s Voice is a voiceover service offered by Sakshi Sharma for various clients including video and audio production houses, branding agencies, and audio streaming services like Spotify India.

Watch the full analysis:

I did a video analysis of Jon Gardner Voice-Overs’ copywriting.

Jon Gardner Voice-Overs is a “signature voiceover service” made by Jon Gardner for clients that include software companies, advertising firms, zoological gardens, educational institutions, and fitness centers.

Watch the full analysis:

Adobe Premiere…

Holding CMD and dragging-dropping a selected clip creates a *new* independent copy.

But, CMD+C of a selected clip creates an instance of that clip when I CMD+V it.

The difference:

A new copy applies changes (that I’ll make after its creation) only to itself.

Changes made to an instance will show in the clip you copied from too. That’s why it’s an instance or reference (like a pointer, in programming speak).

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