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Just a quick appeal:

@peertube , the Fediverse's video sharing platform, is having a fundraising drive to get PeerTube v3 done, which features lots of major improvements including video livestreaming.

You can find out more and donate to the crowdfunding on the roadmap page:

#PeerTube #Fediverse #ActivityPub #LiveStreaming #LiveStream #Streaming #YouTube #Twitch #Alternatives #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre

w00t! Just had my first successful sync with Site.js under Windows :)

Need to test it properly tomorrow but with the next release Site.js will have full feature parity across Linux, macOS, and Windows 10.

(Deployment use is limited to operating systems that have systemd.)

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cant help it but when i'm watching video age's aearostor, i'm hearing so much darwin deez radar detector

The first step of any creator hoping for lasting success—whether for ten years or ten centuries—is to accept that hope has nothing to do with it.

To be great, one must make great work, and making great work is incredibly hard. It must be our primary focus.

We must set out, from the beginning, with complete and total commitment to the idea that our best chance of success starts during the creative process.

Do go make and share. Do what you can’t.

I did a video analysis of Sakshi’s Voice’s copywriting.

Sakshi’s Voice is a voiceover service offered by Sakshi Sharma for various clients including video and audio production houses, branding agencies, and audio streaming services like Spotify India.

Watch the full analysis:

I did a video analysis of Jon Gardner Voice-Overs’ copywriting.

Jon Gardner Voice-Overs is a “signature voiceover service” made by Jon Gardner for clients that include software companies, advertising firms, zoological gardens, educational institutions, and fitness centers.

Watch the full analysis:

Adobe Premiere…

Holding CMD and dragging-dropping a selected clip creates a *new* independent copy.

But, CMD+C of a selected clip creates an instance of that clip when I CMD+V it.

The difference:

A new copy applies changes (that I’ll make after its creation) only to itself.

Changes made to an instance will show in the clip you copied from too. That’s why it’s an instance or reference (like a pointer, in programming speak).

So there's a popular thread on Twitter asking if there is a better tool than Google Analytics and so many mention Plausible 🥰

We don't do paid ads, we don't have affiliates... we grow thanks to the people who enjoy Plausible and who recommend us to others.

Thank you all! ❤️

On Indie Hackers someone asked why we don't charge more which is common startup advice:

We want to remove GA from sites and many are new to the idea of paid analytics

We grow organically so don't need to pay 25%+ lifetime revenue share and we give that to our users instead

Found MY summer song

Old-school vibes from Estonia in former USSR times

Velly Joonas — Stopp, Seisku Aeg!

Enjoyed the barefoot walk with 36°C (97 °F) outside and plenty of sun

A conversational style helps because people tend to pay more attention when they perceive that they’re in a conversation, since they’re expected to follow along and hold up their end.

The amazing thing is, your brain doesn’t necessarily care that the “conversation” is between you and a book!

On the other hand, if the writing style is formal and dry, your brain perceives it the same way you experience being lectured to while sitting in a roomful of passive attendees. No need to stay awake.

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A conversational style helps people pay more attention.

It’s one of my favorite takeaways from Head First JavaScript Programming.

The original quote is…


"Endlich" gibt es dann den deutschen Ableger von

Meet Your Master -

Heiner Lauterbach macht den ersten Schritt mit der Plattform:

Copywriting is interface design. Great interfaces are written. If you think every pixel matters then you also need to think every letter matters.

A short classic read from 2005.


They are sooo close...

TikTok does gather a lot of personal data, but it’s no more than what Facebook and other social networks also gather. The difference between TikTok and Facebook is that we have a great deal of transparency into the process by which Facebook gives your information to various governments. And specifically, Facebook does not release data to the Chinese government.”

A few weeks ago I recorded a short video for the NYC School’s Tech Summit and the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Hackathon about accessibility in 2020. A lot of work went into it, so I thought I may as well share it with everyone!

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