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No individual person has to explain themselves for using proprietary software.

Organisations, companies, governments for sure! So let's stop blaming individuals for usage of proprietary software and let's focus on breaking organisations free. Trust me, when organisations are free, individuals will follow by themselves.

And for more details on how we bootstrapped Plausible Analytics from $400 to $2,750 MRR in 135 days without advertising, take a look at this:

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Now using Basecamp for personal habit creation and habit maintenance. The automatic check-in feature does the job.

I did a video analysis of CheckWise’s copywriting.

CheckWise is an online-buddy accountability service for self-employed professionals made by Aleix Ramon.

Watch the full analysis:

There is no 2nd wave. It’s not a comeback. It was never gone.

Media only needs a reason to talk about COVID-19 again and SECOND WAVE sounds better than “It’s still there and still fatal AF—business as usual”. And even the rising cases in the US don’t cut it anymore. People get complacent when it’s not NEW.

"Google dedicates almost half of the first page of results to its own products"

Impressive study and website! The average publisher is full of advertising, CTAs and several MBs of external scripts. This one is simple, fast to load and clean 👍

New day, more trouble for Google

"Google misled consumers to obtain their consent to expand the scope of personal information that Google could collect and combine about consumers’ internet activity, for use by Google, including for targeted advertising"

Facebook and America are now indivisible, says the Observer writer who broke the Cambridge Analytica scandal – and the world is the sicker for it

Underrated advantage of masks in the German supermarket…

You don’t get to see the typical grumpy corner’s of a German mouth (Angie Merkel style)

Covid-19 makes grumpy faces disappear.

Man sieht die griesgrämigen Gesichter in deutschen Supermärkten nicht mehr. Ok, da gibt es immer noch die Augen als Spiegel der Seele, aber zumindest die Merkelmundzüge sind eliminiert. Dänks Covid!

Now, we’ve transitioned to Basecamp and while we have fewer participants in our group at least I know that we’re on a platform that allows us to scale our project (and project communication) to any size.

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More serious and more organized.

Thanks to Basecamp I can handle multiple projects easily. I don’t get confused, scattered, or worried anymore. I get peace of mind.

Basecamp’s relatively high price ($99/mo) makes me act on a project with more seriousness, yes, both commission work and leisure-time projects.

For example, we’ve used Trello for our theater group for about a year and it turned into a mess. Some people even refused to use it because they didn’t get the hang of it.


Today, I gained a higher understanding of the English language. Not by some quantifiable ABC test, purely by feeling connection and how the words I listened to transformed when they arrived at the cerebral friary.

The frequency was higher in Amsterdam but here in Berlin it’s real and lasting.

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Amsterdam, summer 2013, is when we had our first enlightening bites. The following high dropped in nightly thrusts. Every new phase was a rebirth, pushed us out of where we were into where we originally came from.

Berlin, summer 2020, watching English speakers I felt enlightened again. A thrust into higher connection, with no Amsterdam bites whatsoever.


"We know how important it is that your business is built around your ethics and we get the same feeling from the folks at @plausible. We’re excited to be supporting a company that shares our values and respects the people visiting our site" @elementary

All our data is now hosted, stored and processed on a server in Germany that complies with and will continue to comply with strict EU privacy laws.

And we’re now running on 100% renewable energy which should further minimize our impact on the planet.

It's a win-win! started content marketing and emailing me about their blog posts.

I did a video analysis of 305 Broadcast’s copywriting.

305 Broadcast is an online store for media broadcast equipment made by Alfonso Lopez.

Watch the full analysis:

The audio speed for screen-reader users is fast and difficult to understand for me

As I’m going through freeCodeCamp’s Applied Accessibility course (, I’m fascinated by how fast the audio speed is for screen-reader users and how difficult it is to understand it.

I wasn’t aware of it all.

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