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y'all: this is not a cloudflare outage -- it's likely much bigger than that. word is a T1 provider is having Problems; details aren't clear yet but the problems are not limited to cloudflare

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Former Design Director of the UK Government Lou Downe says:

„Service failure is hidden in wrongly worded questions, broken links and poorly trained staff; in emails not sent, phone lines that have been closed or inaccessible PDFs. In short, it’s hidden in the small, everyday failures of our services to meet the very basic needs our users have – to be able to do the thing they set out to do.“

Cruel intentions? Aww, come on… they just want to play…

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Here is why the attidue „I have nothing to hide” is an issue and therefore „I don’t give a damn about Facebook spyware and companions“ can turn into your very own nightmare…

What is a good service then?

I believe @aral and @laura will resonate with the design part and the identity theft part of the article :)

I have to remind myself that when I read startup XYZ has raised $100M and is valued at a $1B+ valuation that this is a hyperbolic and just another story they tell. It’s not real and far away from actual value. It’s fiction narrated in the real world (whatever real actually means anymore).

Part of me hopes that pandemics like COVID-19 will shatter capitalism so we can enter a post-capitalism in a form of a humanism-based economy like the Economy for the Common Good.

1. They say fat is bad for you.
2. They say cholesterol is bad for you.
3. They say meat is bad for you.
4. They say eggs are bad for you.
5. They say salt is bad for you.
6. They say sun is bad for you.
7. They say fiber is good for you.
8. They say grains are good for you.
9. The say fruit is good for you
10. They say skipping breakfast is bad for you.

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Something worth considering…

Lies of mainstream nutrition advice 🥩 by Gijs Heerkens (and plausible explanations for how untrue they are incl. book recommendations)


Public health experts used these marketing techniques during COVID-19

1. Be transparent
2. Repeat your message often
3. Keep it simple

(some did a better job of doing it, admittedly)

And some marketers should consider these 3 points more often (or at all).

Guys, am I the only one who didn't know about #Twitter lending all of users' data to #Google?

Nobody needs a unicorn (startup) when you can have a centipede startup 🦟

Words by one of my favorite bloggers with the cool short name Gijs

For context: Tarantino considers screenwriting like writing a novel (literature). It’s about the page, not the movie (as the final end result).


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And it seems like people who teach screenwriting go in the opposite direction.

If you’re judging it by a coloring book, and you’re getting A’s for keeping your colors inside of the lines, then maybe they are right. But that’s not how I want to judge it.

Words by Quentin Tarantino

Source for those words:

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The journey is everything.

The journey makes the destination worthwhile.

You can only have a worthwhile destination after you’ve had a worthwhile journey.

A novelist trusts that.

Actors trust that. They trust (if they live the part and they are honest, and they don’t try to pre-determine too much) that the ultimate end result will be rewarding.

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Most of these people that talk about writing for screenplays… if they were teaching acting, they would be thrown out and ridiculed.

They all seem to be result-oriented.


Real actors aren’t result-oriented.


Real writers aren’t result-oriented.

I mean, the actor wants everything they do to be magnificent, and the writer wants everything they do to be magnificent.

But novelists aren’t result-oriented. It’s the doing of it. It’s the process. It’s the getting there. It’s the journey.

„Tut das nicht weh?”, fragt er.

„Ne, es ist stimulierend. Und man weiß, wo und worauf man läuft.”, erwiderte ich.

Er sagte: „Aha”. Und ich setze meinen Barfußgang fort.


„Doesn’t that hurt?”, he asked.

„Nope, it’s stimulating. And one knows where and on what surface one walks on”, I replied.

He said: „I see.” And I continued my barefoot walk.

They didn’t tell you that applying for jobs/projects is time-traveling.

Today when I assembled my UX/writing portfolio, I traveled to 2006 and then within seconds I was back in 2020.


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