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And no… A.I. won’t kill jobs because there will always be a need for human presence – whether that’s cleaning that robot, maintaining the A.I. code or simply watching the cooling garages full of machines, or something like a nanny for say 5 A.I. robots.

The possibilities are endless but jobs won’t be, only people with no creativity will be left behind.

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# What’s next?

Now that remote work (work+travel) has become mainstream, I wonder what the next bigger work-related „innovation” will be.

Will it need another pandemic to make it more popular?

My guess…

Yes, it will need something like that.

And yes, I believe programming skills in at least one language will become the next default just like speaking English is today.

Meaning: A.I. is only possible if people have tech knowledge.

The truth to/of success is simple:

1. Working hard.
2. Enjoying life.
3. Smiling.

Erling Haaland on brevity (and efficiency) in interviews.

HTTP status emojis:

- 200 👍
- 201 🆕
- 301 👉
- 400 👎
- 401 🔒
- 402 💰
- 403 🚫
- 404 🤷‍♂️
- 408 ⌛️
- 410 💨
- 418 🍵
- 500 💩

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Funniest (job interview) question I got asked today:

Do you think that aliens are a threat to mankind? Please explain your answer.


It’s happening…

This Podcast is Full of Ads

Every month we present a demo-reel-long episode with fake commercials of invented or sometimes not invented products.

We try to stick to 1 minute 50 seconds.

…soon (powered by

I liked it better when people were in their homes. Quieter.

Former Facebook Inc. employee speaks up and says…

„Learnt a lot from some great people”

He left because…

„Extreme exhaustion and burnout.”

„Everything was scrutinized to make sure it kept people using as much as possible.

„To them, time = value […] that was the big one.”

If you want insights on what works in voiceover and copywriting (emails, ads, landing pages) voilà…

I run campaigns for my business and the clients I work with, review how they worked, and report back on my findings to my private email list.

You get bits and pieces in toots, and you get the full report by email.

Hop on my private email list 👉

A search engine born in 1997 doesn’t have to look like it’s still 1997… twenty-three years later!!!

Here’s an example of German search engine for kids at the age of 8 to 12 years.

And it is soooo sloooooowwww...

43 Free Zoom Virtual Background Stock Videos

To put even more pressure on your internet’s bandwidth during a video call ;)

Happy Wikipedia Rake

Wikipedia was so happy that I had visited its German „Rake” that it jumped out of joy…

Great move by the CSS guru who embedded that „feature”.

You can replicate it if you scale your browser window to ~880px.

Hav phun!

Four resources to self-learning accents (from ok to great, robotic to human/native)‬

1. Google Translate (voices often sound AI but it’s better than nothing)‬

2. Linguee (my favorite source for AE and BE with real American and British voices)

3. YouGlish (type in the phrase you want and it scrubs YouTube for instances of it in videos. Results in American, English, or Aussie

4. Forvo (words spoken by native speakers)

I create voiceovers, emails, landing pages, and ads for my business and on commission.

And I review and report back on my findings to my private email list.

Get my reports on what works in voiceover and copywriting…

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Just found out that is a properly working URL.

„Yes, I get to be alone in a dark room.”

Copywriters and voiceover artists are alike and (probably) thriving at the moment.

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