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Ever wondered how our Fairphones are made? 📲🤔 Take a peek behind the scenes and discover how we’re trying to make phones fairer at every step in the process 💙. Read more 👉: #WeAreFairphone #DareToCare

A coronavirus shakes up a global party that is uniting people from all walks of life but revealing that everyone is living in their own phantasy… this is our play about the end of the world and here is the OFFICIAL TRAILER FOR YOU!!!


And now to redirect sub-root directors („sub-folders”), I used this command:

`Redirect 301 /gravyforthebrain copywritingexamples.substack.c

I hope this will help someone else too.

And now I will enjoy Easter Monday feeling like Mr. Smarty-Pants for two and a half seconds :P

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The problem was also that if I a redirect in the root directory of, e.g. `Redirect / copywritingexamples.substack.c`, then it would harm the redirect of the .htaccess in the sub-folders.


I created only ONE .htaccess file and wrote all redirects there.

For examples, to redirect the root and only the root URL, I used this command:

`RedirectMatch ^/$ copywritingexamples.substack.c`

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My previous solution:

1. In the root directory create a sub-folder called `gravyforthebrain`
2. Switch to sub-folder `gravyforthebrain` and create an .htaccess file
3. Fill the .htaccess with this line -> `Redirect /gravyforthebrain copywritingexamples.substack.c

It worked.

But I always had to create a new sub-folder just for the redirect.

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I’m feeling dumb but also happy, here’s a small big .htaccess lesson I learned!!

How to redirect a root URL and sub-root URLs to create short links for your articles (without interferences of redirects)


I wanted to create redirects.

For example, should serve as a short link and redirect to copywritingexamples.substack.c.

I like it when even Cloudflare starts to de-Google-ify.

"We recently migrated from Google's reCAPTCHA to the independent hCaptcha. It helps address a privacy concern inherent to relying on a Google service..."

Hopefully it won't be as bad as it already is (Karl Valentin)

I’ve been observing more and more people joining Telegram. I’m not sure if this is a counter-reaction to the creepy WhatsApp/FB/Insta Zucker-verse gang or just my imagination?

Gallows humor but (sadly) probably true for some companies…

Who led to the digital transformation of your company?


Man, what happened!!!

Here’s what happened in week 11-15 of building and making it profitable…

Circumstances have changed.

Covid–19 has turned upside down.

So, I adapted and this is what I did about…

From the Chaos Computer Club -> "In principle, the concept of a "Corona App" involves an enormous risk due to the contact and health data that may be collected. At the same time, there is a chance for "privacy-by-design" concepts and technologies that have been developed by the crypto and privacy community over the last decades. [...] For this reason alone, all concepts that violate or even endanger privacy must be strictly rejected." -> #COVID19 #coronavirus #privacy

And yes, I also feature real sales copy from people’s websites and provide an optimized version. I recently did that yesterday with Hugo’s Mastodon hosting service where I analyzed his pricing tiers, dissected them, rearranged the pieces, and (hopefully) made something more favorable for his (future) customers. I’ll see what the results will show.


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Yes, I’m aware that time plays a role because you don’t immediately buy from someone you don’t know. I get it.

But through each email, I’m making sure it’s valuable for you (it makes you money, lowers your expenses, or (just today) reminds you that taking care of your health can only be the number one business priority—an unhealthy CEO is not a great CEO).

Here’s how you get this value:

1. Go to
2. Enter your email address
3. Click „Subscribe” (and stick with me)

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Fourteen days ago, I started sending daily emails to our fellow indie makers and voiceover professionals. I’m targeting both. And I’ve sent 14 emails. Not a big accomplishment, right? Well is it really not?!

Think about it…

If I was on a weekly schedule (like many people are), it would have taken me 14 weeks - that’s three-and-a-half months) - to reach the same number.

And THAT’S quite a difference.

So remember when I was saying Zoom is a privacy and security train wreck? Apparently, that was an understatement:

“Zoom has ‘rolled their own’ encryption scheme [with] significant weaknesses … [and transmits] meeting encryption keys through China.”

Via @ScottMortimer

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