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Hey there @support :)

So I’d like to host my own pixelfed instance with you and I know I can order it here:

Before I do that I have another question (because I saw it on your website)…

How does hosting a PeerTube instance work and what’s the monthly fee you’re charging?

Hey @hugo, I’m very happy with your service @mastohost :)

And now I'm contemplating on the possibility of joining @pixelfed.

Do you offer Pixelfed hosting too? Would I need another server/subdomain, e.g.

Or can I use my Mastodon instance to post on Pixelfed?

The future is here…

„Spot is an agile mobile robot that you can customize for a wide range of applications. The base platform provides rough-terrain mobility, 360 degree obstacle avoidance, and various levels of navigation, remote control and autonomy.

You can customize Spot by adding specialized sensors, software and other payloads. Early customers are already testing Spot to monitor construction sites, provide remote inspection at gas, oil and power installations, and in public safety.

„Just because solutions exist does not mean the problem is solved.” — Gleb Budman, CEO at Backblaze

Can’t tell if homeless or just techpreneur…

have a good weekend whether you’re tech geek, solopreneur or an actual homeless person though I would doubt that you would read this post.

…auch anderen ethischen Vorstellungen sollten wir uns nicht vergleichen. Und wenn wir es "müssen", dann läuft etwas falsch.”

„Sie haben noch gar nichts begriffen. In den letzten drei Jahrhunderten hat sich unglaublich viel verändert. Es ist für die Menschen nicht länger wichtig, große Reichtümer zu besitzen. Wir haben den Hunger eliminiert, die Not, die Notwendigkeit, reich zu sein. Die Menschheit ist erwachsen geworden.”

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Da hat Jonas von aber ein richtig schönes Stück Artikel vollbracht.

Hier lesen:

Mit Perlen wie:

„und ich bin ohnehin nicht davon überzeugt, dass "Wettbewerb" das einzige oder gar das geeignetste Mittel ist, Menschen zu den besten Versionen ihrer selbst zu machen - ist vor allem anderen nur dann möglich, wenn auch alle Teilnehmer nach den gleichen Regeln spielen. Mit einem Land mit ganz anderer Kostenstruktur, anderem Sozialsystem und vor allem…

The Daws Butler who spoke the words for most of the classic Hanna-Barbera characters.

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As learned through James Alburger today in a live session:

„I want you to understand the words. I want you to taste the words. I want you to love the words. Because the words are important. But they’re only words. You leave them on the paper and you take the thoughts and put them into your mind and then you as an actor recreate them, as if the thoughts had suddenly occurred to you."

— Daws Butler (Scenes for Actors and Voices)

Copywriting is about ideas. If you’re an „idea machine” you will like copywriting and if you like people with an absurd amount of ideas, you will enjoy working with them :)

So a really careful writer will make sure that they’re not doing—not visiting an indecorum on the word’s derivation. So it’s very labor intensive.

I mean it takes a long time to sometimes—to get your sentence right, rhythmically, and to clear the main words in it from misuse.

Source: How to use a thesaurus to actually improve your writing | Martin Amis

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And you just do that by going to your thesaurus. And also going to your dictionary.

Do not use words against the derivation.

For example, dilapidate.

It’s fine to talk about a dilapidated building but not fine to talk about a dilapidated hedge, because dilapidated comes from „lapis“, which means „stone“.

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A thesaurus is – you come to a point in a sentence and it’s usually towards the end of a sentence where you’re unhappy with the word you’ve chosen not because of its meaning but because of its rhythm. And you may want a monosyllable for this concept or you may want a trisyllable. So you look in the thesaurus, you find a simile that has the right number, you know, for the whole sentence to maintain its rhythmical integrity.

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People think thesauruses are there so you can look up a fancy word for „big“ or a fancy word for „long“.

That’s not what a thesaurus is for, in my view.

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Now Nabokov said,

> Of course I avoided the repetition of the suffix so chose to call it „Invitation to a Beheading“ rather than „Invitation to an Execution“, which is sort of rhythmically ugly.

You’ve got to think about the bits of the word as well as the word in its totality.

Avoiding repetition of prefixes and suffixes as well as rhymes and half-rhymes, intentional alliteration, et cetera, can be achieved by anyone simply by using a dictionary and a thesaurus.

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And that’s just something that the writer was taught when they were 12— never to use a word twice in a sentence.

And they’ve become terrorized by that and then addicted to a new „ingenuity“ where you avoid it.

But I’m talking more about sounds and rhythms.

The Nabokov novel we know of as „Invitation to a Beheading“ was originally called – not for very long – „Invitation to an Execution.“

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