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And that’s just something that the writer was taught when they were 12— never to use a word twice in a sentence.

And they’ve become terrorized by that and then addicted to a new „ingenuity“ where you avoid it.

But I’m talking more about sounds and rhythms.

The Nabokov novel we know of as „Invitation to a Beheading“ was originally called – not for very long – „Invitation to an Execution.“

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„You’re unhappy with the word you’ve chosen because of its rhythm“

Repetition has its uses and anything is better than trying to avoid repetition through what they call „elegant variation“.

This is an example from a biography of Lincoln:

> While in Chicago he appeared to back concessions to the South.
> In New York he seemed to support…

You know, there’s no point in using a different word when there’s no change in meaning.

It’s like a playground […]

being in the wilderness brings a sense of calm that I can’t quite find anywhere else.

It’s a place where life’s frenetic pace loses its grasp on my thoughts and become no more than simple distractions that fall to the wayside and then I’m just simply there, present.

It’s where I can allow myself a freedom, a time without inhibition to reflect, replenish, heal. To create. It’s a world where beauty is boundless and never fails to leave me awestruck.

As a copywriter I can’t make a shitty product great or twist reality and turn something unethical into a flagship product. It’s on you.

„When you have a product that solves a real problem for people who are confident in your ability to deliver, people will pay for it.”

„Ich sehe die Usability der Webseite als gegeben an.“ (Originalworte eines Nutzers)

Ach so. Ich sehe deine Existenz als Mensch als gegeben an. Du existierst. Nur was für eine Art Existenz bist du? Bist du ein guter Mensch, schlechter Mensch oder ein gut-schlechter Zwitter?

Lebensaufgabe: Bremsen und Faker identifizieren und ignorieren. Leute reden lassen. Eigenes Ding machen - mit den richtigen Partnern. Focus!

(21. Juni 2013, 10:04)

Some things will never change.

Sadly, Joe passed away one day after being informed that he had been granted American citizenship. He had sold potato peelers from 1993 to 2009.

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Everyone wants to sell online but it seems nobody wants to do the hard work of selling offline anymore.

Here’s Joe Ades aka „The Gentleman Peeler“, a British salesman who made a couple of millions selling $5 Swiss-made potato peelers on the streets of New York City.

Kevin Rogers breaks down Joe’s street corner sales pitch and shows you how to use the same proven elements to sell more of your products online.

A while back, the leaders of a species have allowed a group of otherworldly beings — called "humans" — to take refuge on their planet. Tensions have recently risen due to the unsettling discovery that "humanity" apparently has a long track record of destroying every planet they colonize.
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Source: This map shows the most commonly spoken language in every US state, excluding English and Spanish - Business Insider

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Some of America’s first immigrants (after the British) came from Germany, starting in the 1670s. Today, there are 49,840,035 Americans with German ancestry, according to the American Community Survey, far more than the current number of German speakers.

Although there were plenty of German immigrants present for the American Revolution, the US never considered adopting German as its official language, contrary to the persistent myth.

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German is the most commonly spoken language at home other than English and Spanish in 9 U.S. states

Estimated number of speakers nationally: 905,326

States where it’s the most commonly spoken language at home other than English and Spanish: Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina

Pure Bathing Culture - All Night

„one of the most underrated bands out there. loved you guys since pendulum“

„Man, that solo at the end!! Please extend that live for an extra 30 minutes or so!!“

„One of the best choruses I have ever heard! Pure nostalgic 80s... I left my heart in PDX“

…The acknowledgment of social co-production also dissolves the myth of the heroic individual businessman or woman as “self-made.” Individuals may do great things, but as Warren Buffett – who knows something about making money – has pointed out, none do it alone.“

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Who Owns the Million Dollar Baseball?

Source: David Bollier - P2P Foundation

„Once we acknowledge the social component of economic value, then discussion of financial return and social policy take a new turn. Taxation, for example, no longer is a matter of “redistributing” someone else’s income, or wealth, but rather of restoring a portion of it to the rightful owners…

Du wachst auf, erwartest das Schlechteste. Du bereitest dich auf das Schlechteste vor. Wenn es am Ende des Tages nicht eingetroffen ist, sagst du: „Was ein geiler Tag!“

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