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Day 7/120 RAW Update - English and Deutsch - of . Photos and videos of Miami at the end 👉 Fotos und Videos am Ende 👉

Also, the focus on just VO gear will probably help focus on what matters: move forward with voiceover, make progress with studiolist by connecting to more studios and improve the website, and do day job.

See you tomorrow for day 7!

I also plan to start coding more on, like the user registration system or something as simple as a DIY contact form so I avoid getting spam emails by showing my plain email address on the website.

Regarding the packing I had to make some tough choices:

1. Only one book (I picked Amber Rae’s “Choose Wonder Over Worry”)
2. Only my iPhone, no DSLR or compact camera.

All that because of space and wanting to travel lean. Also

The last days didn’t feel super productive, of course because of the conference and all. So, I hope my time in Morocco 🇲🇦 will be a bit calmer with more work done.

I’m bringing my full voiceover equipment with me (it’s inside the 7.5kg bag) to continue working on my demo reel and maybe get some online auditions.

Day 6/120 RAW Update - English and Deutsch - of . Photos and videos of Miami at the end 👉 Fotos und Videos von Miami am Ende 👉

Next flight today is with Ryanair via Manchester and from there via TUI Airways to Agadir. Ryanair says only a small bag with 5kg is allowed for the cabin, mine is 7.5kg, we’ll see ;)

In Berlin, I basically unpacked, did the day job, slept a good 3 hours and then packed again. But that’s already day 6. See my next diary entry.

I prefer to destroying a connection myself so I can blame myself rather than letting someone else talk and destroy the bridge.

Later I was early at Miami Airport, so I waltzed around and observed people - one of my favorite activities.

Then the flight back to Berlin happened with SWISS - only 8h40m from Miami to Zürich with nice 1k speed. I’m pleased with the service SWISS has offered in the both flights to and from Miami.

At the first one, a communication distaster happened. In the second one I got the email from the reception lady Tatiana. At least I got a name. I’ll work on my pitch to make clear that is 💯 beneficial for recording studios.

It was a good communication lesson though. I learned:

A) I don’t need someone else to introduce me to people that he also doesn’t know.

B) If I can be in charge pitching my venture I get in charge and let nobody else talk.

Day 5/120 RAW Update - English and Deutsch - of . Photos and videos of Miami at the end 👉 Fotos und Videos von Miami am Ende 👉

It was the last day in Miami, well basically half a day. Though Carlos, our host, was so kind to give me a ride I only managed to say hello at two studios.

Day job was also part of the day but I’ll stop mentioning it because it’s a daily duty I’m doing.

I’ve been eating ok/well but my daily walking has been not so good. I want to do more fitness the next days to not get fat.

Miami felt like home because I was surrounded by warm and welcoming people, and a great host here in Little Havana. Gracias, Carlos ❤️

Day 4/120 RAW Update - English and Deutsch - of .

It’s the last night here in Miami which is a bit sad but I’m glad that I had some awesome roommates here.

Yesterday, I also really enjoyed the company of the seanwes community members.

Today I took the time to review the studios I had collected so far, sent emails and got an overview of the sheer amount of studios that are here in Miami. It’s a hotspot of recording studios, 100+ studios. Awesome!

Day 3/120 RAW Update - English and Deutsch - of with the last day of the 10X Gowth Conference 2019 here in Miami. Mr. Grant Cardone made his best speech and sold me on Cardone University (with a little help/nudge from a friend Sean McCabe / seanwes). A short conference day but an extensive amount of community interaction so that the 10x mindset stays strong. Take action - move your arse.

Day 2 RAW Update - English and Deutsch - of with lots of day job hours and cold calling recording studios here in Miami. A rather relaxed day but still a work day. I skipped the conference today. Tomorrow I will be back again.

Außerdem wird es ab 1. Februar wieder RAW. Ich werde 4 Monate lang dokumentieren, wie mein Startup verläuft, nicht läuft oder vielleicht sogar erfolgreich wird. Jeden Tag ein Video. Eines am Morgen mit dem Tagesplan und ein anderes spät in der Nacht, wo du sehen wirst, wie es lief.


Ach so. Das bedeutet, meine Shows „Eine Minute Stoizismus“ und „stolenvoice tv“ werden pausieren ⏸.

Stattdessen bin ich auf Reisen 🧳 in den USA, England, Südeuropa und Nordafrika, um auch dort Aufnahmestudios für zu sammeln sowie Freunde und Fremde 🤠 zu treffen.

Erwartete Fortsetzung 🏠 der Show: Samstag, 01. Juni 2019

Hi, hier ist Alex von stolenvoice. Ich bin gerade in Miami, Florida, um Aufnahmestudios für zu sammeln und an einer Business-Konferenz namens 10X Growth Conference teilzunehmen. Es ist eine ziemlich große Sache. Ich plane auch, ein paar Freunde zu treffen und Sonne abzubekommen, die ich seit Wochen vermisst habe. Endlich! Ich werde am 6. Februar 2019 zurück sein, um meine Reise woanders fortzusetzen. Pass auf dich auf, Alex.

Instead I’ll be traveling 🧳 the US, UK, Southern Europe and North Africa to also collect recording studios for, meet friends and strangers 🤠.

Expected return 🏠 date: Saturday, June 1st, 2019

Also, starting on Feb 1, I’ll go RAW again. For 4 months (120 days), I’ll be documenting how my startup goes, flows, fails and maybe even succeeds. A video every day. One in the morning with the plan of the day, and another one late at night where you'll see how it went.

Hi, it’s Alex from stolenvoice. I’m currently in Miami, Florida, to collect recording studios for and to attend a business conference called 10X Growth Conference. It’s kind of a big thing. I also plan to meet some friends and get that sun that I’ve been missing for many weeks. Finally! I’ll be back on February 6th, 2019 to continue my journey somewhere else. Take care, Alex.

Oh and this means One Minute Stoic and stolenvoice tv are pausing ⏸.

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