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And: I have another addition. Each new episode will now be accompanied by a 1-minute teaser that I’ll publish on Instagram only. Instead of just publishing a square-formatted image, I’ll publish a square-formatted video.

This does mean extra work but I think it’ll serve you, as the audience member better. And, because I’ll save time recording (due to the shorter video) I can make the effort to create the 1-minute short summary.

That’s exciting news!!!

Also, I didn’t enjoy that these episodes have become so long. I want to be under 10 minutes (or even 5!) in all future episodes.

Here’s my plan to accomplish that:

I will pick only the very best aspects of the week and talk about it. This and only that will become part of the recorded video show. In the full text I allow myself to be more verbose and write in full-length. So, you can watch the video to get the very best and/or read the article to get the full picture.

My voiceover journey started 338 days ago. This is my path to become an actor, so I don’t regret that I haven’t tried pursuing it!


The last two episodes were messy, pure chaos. Nobody would really watch this. I know I said that I want stolenvoice tv to be raw but I also want it to be something that I (or some of my family members) would want to watch, at the very least.

Aha, Fog Creek is doubling down on Glitch and even renamed themselves to Glitch.

Interesting move. Reminds of what 37signals did in the past with the renaming to their strongest product: Basecamp.

Cyberpunk nerds, what do you recommend to watch if I liked Ghost in the Shell (1995 by Mamoru Oshii) and Akira (1988)? And, yes, "Ghost in the Shell 2 – Innocence" is on my list already ;)

My new love ❤️ Gengahr - Before Sunrise - video was shot in Casablanca, Morocco — the country makes a continuous impression on me.

With some trial and error, I managed to get down to 65 MB (from previously ~120 GB). Awesome.

Took me 6 hours to figure all that out but now I have a clean Git repo. Isn't that worth it? ;)

Ok, from 25 GB down to 3.75 GB. Now trying files above 0.5 MB.

I'm impressed by "BFG Repo-Cleaner""! From 117 GB I was able to reduce to 25 GB in the first run only deleting files above 100 MB using this command:

$ java -jar bfg-1.13.0.jar --strip-blobs-bigger-than 100M .git

Now, I'm letting another round run. This time with files bigger than 1M:

$ java -jar bfg-1.13.0.jar --strip-blobs-bigger-than 1M .git

Because essentially, I only want to have code files and markdown files being git-ed.

And there's a less "scary" alternative to using "filter-branch". it's called "BFG Repo-Cleaner" - found via

Trying that now because going through all files of the last 6 months is tedious work (insane).

Let's see how that works.

Probably doing the nerdiest thing in my life. I'm removing or purging files (one by one) from a Git repository that had grown beyond 100 GB without me noticing and eating lots of space.

Using the filter-branch command (via

git filter-branch --index-filter "git rm -rf -f --cached --ignore-unmatch --MYPATHTOFILE" HEAD


If some of the stuff resonates with you, that’s great. If not, I don’t mind. I’ll continue anyway just as a Rambo does, as I said in

Don’t watch stolenvoice tv if you want polished. Watch it if you want raw, real, true stuff. And if you don’t watch, do not.

Whatever your choice is, I appreciate you.

Get the review by my holy quadruple Frank, Hank, Jimmy and Alex. Here’s their point of view.

I don’t want people to watch it. I honestly don’t care about views, subscribers but I don’t mind if there are. What I’m doing here is documenting my creator’s journey by sharing it publicly so that I can keep myself accountable on what I’m doing, saying (and not doing and saying) and having a lasting public diary that I can refer to in the future if I want to.

This is not a story to consume but raw food that is hard to digest.

Maybe there’s been confusion about the purpose of stolenvoice tv, my weekly show-up show and „life update“. In the show, I’m documenting my journey as a voice actor, artist, creative and entrepreneur.

stolenvoice tv is not a format where I’m telling a cohesive story that you can easily consume before going to bed. stolenvoice tv is more like a raw potato, a crunchy carrot or a fresh beetroot: raw, hard to digest, by design.

My voiceover journey started 333 days ago. This is my path to become an actor, so I don’t regret that I haven’t tried pursuing it!


Borders are not real.

They're nothing more than lines drawn by people. Arbitrary. Imaginary.

Nationalism and patriotism make no sense. This planet belongs to all of us. And us to it.

Awesome! Dutch „De Correspondent“ goes English (USA) - finally I’ll be able to understand what they’re writing about ;)

Crowdfunding is happening now:

Hey, not sure you're aware of this already, but since you are a gamer there's a social platform (maybe) coming up for gamers, called: GameCritter.

They're running a crowdfunding campaign

They wanna integrate a crowdfunding function to directly support new games, and they say:

"…we don't want to focus this platform on selling. We want this to be a comfortable environment for gamers where they don't feel that they're flustered with ads."

Hey @staff, just wanted to let you know that I expressed my alignment with your ideas at "Approaching Utopia" at my project, see screenshot :)

At, I have a very simple application process for students.

I ask „What’s your autobiography?“ and you reply with an email and an up to 750 words story that defines your life best.

Starting today, you can join the camp by writing your story You’re only writing about yourself. That’s it.

I haven’t seen an easier way to become part of an educational program with the quality that is aiming for :)

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