Nudists are happy about the benefits of home office (remote work) during the current European heatwave, and regular people as well; Zoom calls can happen with only a light t-shirt on 👨‍💼👕 👩‍💼👚 but no underwear ❌🩳 ❌🩲

If you like forest-y new-age harp music, you may appreciate Nailah Hunter’s “Forest Dark”

I don’t understand why they say ‘melting’ 🫠 when it comes to heat and high temperatures, when ‘drying out’ 🏜 seems more appropriate.

But that’s just me being me.

5 - Why People Leave Your Membership Site

6 - The Ideal Churn Rate for Your Membership Site

7 - An Even-Keeled Approach to an Ever-Changing Online Landscape


The good news: James offers his book as a FREE ebook, although I recommend buying a physical copy for taking notes by hand.


You download the book FOR FREE here:

Do it, read it, implement it.

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Or, if you’d like to spend less time, watch these 7 two-minute video clips that I edited (and wrote Clip Titles) for my past client, Rick Mulready, as part of my agency work:

1 - How To Keep Improving as an Entrepreneur

2 - Quitting a High-Paid Job and Starting a Membership

3 - Leveraging Revenue Share Deals in Your Membership

4 - The Key Success Factor for a Strong Membership Business


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Having experienced James Schramko multiple times over the last couple of years, his “Work Less Make More” is the first book whose lesson I’m actually implementing in my journey as a voice actor.

James lives in Australia.

Has a family.

Surfs every single day.

Works 15-ish hours a week.

You can listen to his short 52-minute interview with Rick Mulready here, if you’re not familiar with James Schramko yet (it’s the piece of content that made me buy his book):


Sometimes I feel that people are confused. They try to find answers in an ark but struggle to find one.

Then I say:

“I Noah guy!”

A pixel-art-based interactive journal of a guy who's currently walking the Appalachian Trail. He seems to update pretty frequently.

Remember when the internet was this fun all the time?

“Web3 is a fun buzzword used by a group of people who believe our use of the web will evolve into a digital land-grab where you can monetise absolutely everything with the help of environment-destroying technology.” - Laura Kalbag @laura

Love it 🤟

via: Small Is Beautiful – Feb 17, 2022 (timecode: 13:52)

@everlifting Yeah, exactly!

I remember this fan-like noise from my indoor rowing experience which was years ago, and I never liked it very much.


Yeah, sure!

The "unstable" aspect is actually intentional, because if you look closer, you’ll see there’s something below the rower that normally isn’t there.

It’s what they they "FlowRow Balance-Board"

The regular rower has none of this, so they are totally optional, but also a lil more fun :)

To answer your question: it’s a def a feature.


[June 9th, 2022 Follow-up on the WaterRower I talked about:]

Yesterday I went to Hamburg to visit their brand store

I tried out the WaterRower, and I must say: the rowing experience is great, and hearing the water in the rower is fantastic! The stronger you pull the harder it gets. It fels very natural.

See this quick <1 minute video the friendly staff member Adama recorded for me:

I dreamed about drowning in an ocean made out of orange soda last night.

It took me a while to work out it was just a Fanta sea.

I figured the best use of a bio on Twitter/Mastodon is a “what i’m doing now” statement.

When you say what you’re doing now, it reflects your activity, not your “wanna-be” (i only wrote it like this because it rhymes ^^).

Instead of showing an arguably relatively non-saying “Loving Husband/Wife - CEO/CTO/CXX - Pizza addict” statement, you present your current actions, which is much cooler, imho.


@everlifting That’s one way of seeing it *haha*.

I would call it: gathering wisdom and insight :P


Yeah, right!!!

I’ll actually pay a visit to one of their stores in Hamburg on Wednesday just to see the WaterRower live in action (I wanna see what I'm missing out on) and some of their other equipment that I pretty much adore from an aesthetic and design point of view.

Such beauties 😍

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