What is 1MB Club?


MB Club is a growing collection of performance-focused web pages found across the internet. The one and only rule for a web page to qualify as a member:

Total resources downloaded client-side must not exceed 1 megabyte

This one mindset from 7+ years ago is still valid for me until today:

I’m thinking and acting as a journalist because…

A good journalist is everywhere, but doesn’t belong anywhere.

Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere (1987) sounds like Cut Copy - Take Me Over (2010)

Here is Cut Copy:

Here is Fleetwood Mac:

Ableton Vs. FL Studio: The Ridiculously Comprehensive Guide


I found this video by Benn Jordan helpful and it brought Fruity Loops (FL Studio) back on my radar.

I believe I’ve found my fave font pairing*

1. Recoleta
2. Integral CF
3. Sofia

Thanks to typewolf: typewolf.com/site-of-the-day/t

*for alexanderkluge.net (nothing to see yet)

I’m feeling mesmerized by this immersive audio narration

Billain - Nomad's Travel [ Immersive narrative video ] 8K


As a human, something doesn’t feel right with the increase in everyday velocity.

I would even argue that the speed we’re supposed to function at nowadays is not meant for humans anymore, like against our human nature.

This high-speed is to be parsed by a machine, or what’s in between - the half-computer half-human cyborg that we are currently becoming.

Here’s something where everyday velocity seems more compatible to us humans: youtube.com/watch?v=EQs5VxNPhz

Wenn man schneller eingießt, kommt mehr raus.

(Weisheiten mit fast leeren Saftpackungen)

Our Product Hunt launch results:

Featured twice on Twitter
Featured in the daily and weekly newsletters
27 reviews with score 4.8/5
2,560 unique visitors
44% bounce rate
Average visit duration 1m 45s
36 trial signups


An ad that is a tutorial that is an ad.

Watch this well-executed video by Descript:



“Nobody watches ads. People watch what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.” (Howard Luck Gossage*, a 1960s adman)

*I slightly adapted the quote cuz people _watch_ ads nowadays, they don’t necessarily _read_ them anymore.

# How to present:

1. Say what you’re going to show
2. Show it
3. Summarize what you’ve just shown

Ready to lose your reputation in 4 days?

Facebook is the best place for that.

Ask Cambodian monk Luon Sovath, a human rights activist who had to flee Cambodia because of misinformation spread through a fake Facebook page.

Read the NY Times article:


And only when answered yes, do I build up a fascination for the company and its product.

It’s a bit like the curse of knowledge, but I guess I’ll get used to it.

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What really pisses me off is that my joy (for technology, innovation, and the latest “cutting-edge pony” to admire) has shrunk because as I’ve learned over the years that how you make money (ethically) is equally important as the outcome of the company’s R&D and their flagship product.

So, my thought process has become:

1. Does the company offer a great product? Cool.
2. Is their business model ethical and transparent so that even I can understand it?

12 minutes of *really* purifying piano music improvised by a fellow artist


I loved every second, and it made me smile from the inside out

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