#Medium now fully completed their paywalling efforts. The public page's now completely inaccessible without logging in.

Unsuspecting visitors to Medium's #articles now can't #read them unless they lock themselves into the platform.

The ability to search for new #content written by independent creators? Gone! The goal's to usurp content created by others free of charge to make you pay the centralized platform to access it.

#Plume exists to combat this, using the power of the #fediverse.

If you happen to use an Arturia Keystep 32… you’re plugging it in for the first time and you’re getting errors when updating its firmware using the Midi Control Center app, this article on Arturia.com helped me: arturia.com/faq/installation/f

@digitalrights @pixelfed hmm... that’s a good question. What speaks against using the five colors the logo contains?

We are happy to announce we have a new sponsor!

@support provides managed Pixelfed hosting, app.spacebear.ee/


#spacebear is proud to announce its ongoing funding of @pixelfed, as a responsible business it is important to fund projects that the business is built upon to ensure they are sustainable.

If you'd like to sign up for managed #Pixelfed hosting, please see the signup page here: https://app.spacebear.ee/

If you also would like to contribute to Pixelfed, there are many options. Such as https://www.patreon.com/dansup and https://opencollective.com/pixelfed


Ok I see. Then forget my suggestion to add PeerTube to the signup form. But at least you could mention PeerTube more directly, as I said her: mastodon.naii.io/@naii/1029319


> Pixelfed or PeerTube, or both?

<input type="checkbox" checked> Pixelfed
<input type="checkbox" checked> PeerTube

(The checkboxes would have to be designed properly as well ^^)


And I would recommend that on your signup page app.spacebear.ee/start you add another option whether the person wants to host Pixelfed or PeerTube with you or both. So, a checkbox would be nice.

Here is the updated copytext and a screenshot of how the signup page could look like:

> Enter the following information, and once you complete payment at PayPal you will receive an email with instructions to access your new installation within 12 hours.


> Pixelfed/PeerTube (3x)

Here’s the screenshot of the changed copytext.


And I would add this question:

> Can I host Pixelfed and PeerTube at the same time?
> Yes. You can [order Pixelfed hosting](app.spacebear.ee/start?plan=me) and you can [order your PeerTube plan](app.spacebear.ee/pixelfed). You will need one server/subdomain for Pixelfed and one server/subdomain for PeerTube.

And I would change the following copy as well, see the text and screenshot that follows:

> Pixelfed & PeerTube hosting available

> Bring your own domain

> Pricing


Oh, I see. Then I totally mis-read it.

Maybe this copy could work better…


> Can you host peertube?
> Peertube hosting is available upon request.

Better (using Markdown formatting):

> Can I host PeerTube with your service?
> Yes, you can [order PeerTube hosting](app.spacebear.ee/pixelfed). The PeerTube pricing is exactly the same as Pixelfed. Keep in mind that you will need another server/subdomain for PeerTube.


Speaking of what’s important for Pixelfed users… I’ll be a Pixelfed person soon, do you plan to support short videos (10 seconds or up to 1 minute) in the future? Is it on the roadmap?

Hey there @support :)

So I’d like to host my own pixelfed instance with you and I know I can order it here: app.spacebear.ee/start?plan=sm

Before I do that I have another question (because I saw it on your website)…

How does hosting a PeerTube instance work and what’s the monthly fee you’re charging?

@mastohost @support

Thanks, Hugo! That makes sense.

Spacebear sounds like a good option. I’ll give it a try.

Hey @hugo, I’m very happy with your service @mastohost :)

And now I'm contemplating on the possibility of joining @pixelfed.

Do you offer Pixelfed hosting too? Would I need another server/subdomain, e.g. pixelfed.naii.io?

Or can I use my Mastodon instance to post on Pixelfed?

@estoricru Started listening to PARADISE

(if you don’t release new music yourself, I can at least get an idea of what you’re listening :P)

Oh… and I just read that KMFDM stands for „Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid” (which is German that makes grammatically no sense… but as play on words it could mean: „No Majority For Those Who Suffer” which can make sense.

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