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U-Bahnhof Kottbusser Tor,
an overground metro station

“I just discovered you can hit / in any macOS save dialog to open a Spotlight-esque quick folder search and even use things like ~ to jump to your home folder.

No clue when that was added, but a handy shortcut instead of manually navigating a deep folder hierarchy”


A “quick-n-dirty” visual i made for in

It was originally intended for my neighborhood speaking Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, English, and German.

But I decided to share it online too–ready for print!

Enjoy, and as you do make sure to push peace ✌️ forward.

Did anyone notice that Safari can recognize text on images ready to be copy-pasted after being selected?

And fuck Sony Pictures. They make the worst fucking movies. What does that have to do with free software? Not much. Maybe use free software to make great movies and don't waste money going to a Sony movie? Fuck.

And fuck Dave Morin. And Gary Vaynerchuk. Ugh.

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Ich lernte mich zu benehmen, gesellig, präsentabel, sympathisch zu sein."

♪♪ Gary Clark Jr. - Cold Blooded

Aus: Rottet die Bestien aus! (3/4) - Töten auf Distanz oder Wie ich den Ausflug tüchtig genoss

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A 4-panel screenplay format to make notes for a director

If it’s true that writing films is like making notes for a director (as Joan Didion said), then a 4-panel screenplay format could be a practical way to communicate your notes:

1/ Dialogue | 2/ Visuals | 3/ Sounds | 4/ Philosophical Conflict

(see attached photo)

Day 1 of eating less meat, and more veggie/vegan.

I had tried eating vegetarian for 18 months or so, and eating like a pescetarian for a couple of months as well.

But now I want to reduce my meat consumption again, and let fish be the only meat I want to eat.

However, if I happen to around people and gatherings where meat is eaten, I won’t be the drama king/queen making a big deal. I’ll then either eat it, or I won’t.

But when I do the groceries, that’s when I’ll be careful about what I buy.

Peter Dickson is one of the best-known voiceover artists in the UK.

His career has spun 4 decades.

Now he wrote a book about his VO life:


I just received a hand-signed copy.

So cool! 😎

Hi @aral

I just watched your latest video:

How to send an email

It’s cool to see how that works.

I only noticed at the end of the Vimeo video that there’s no text on/in the the call-to-action button; it’s just white...

(see attached screenshot)

This is so smart.

How do you provide your email address on your website while still avoid spam to catch it?


You make let your “contact” button fire a copy-to-clipboard function with the message:

“Our email "" has been copied to your clipboard.”

Found out about it when checking

Hypnotic Fume.

Arabian Nights.
Genie in the food.

Hypnotischer Qualm.

1001 Nacht.
Flaschengeist im Essen.


Hatte Uberspace beim Schreiben von kurzen Ethical Ads geholfen - 100 Zeichen Copywriting. Coole Challenge! Hat Spaß gemacht 🤓

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Beispiel 2 ist eine gute Art, sich zu präsentieren, wiederum als Sprecher.

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💡Tipp: Fokussiere den ersten Eindruck.

Präsentiere ich dich als ein Ding, nicht zwei. Das erhöht die Klarheit in den Köpfen der Leute und du wirst als Experte gesehen. Spezialisten werden besser bezahlt als Generalisten.

Hier sind 2 Beispiele 👇

Beispiel 1 ist eine schlechte Art, sich zu präsentieren, z. B. als Sprecher.

Example 2 is a good way of presenting yourself, e.g., again as a voiceover artist.

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💡Tip: Focus your first impression.

Present yourself as one, not two things, to increase clarity in people’s minds and to be seen as the expert. Specialists get paid more than generalists.

Here are 2 examples:

Example 1 is a bad way of presenting yourself, e.g., as a voiceover

Martha Graham's advice to fellow dancer Agnes de Mille:

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there's only one of you, in all of time, this expression is unique.

If you block it, it will never exist through any other medium, and it will be lost. The world will not have it.

It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable it is, or how valuable it is compared with other expressions.

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