These 2 things made me more productive:

1. Track every second of your life (I’m using Toggl)

2. Write every day by sending daily emails to your list (I’m using Substack)

Why do they work for me?

With Toggl I know exactly how I’m spending my time. It’s the truth, and I’m using only 4 broad categories:

- Sleep
- Leisure time
- Commission work
- Business organization

I’m also using 3 project-specific categories that are less relevant for you because you have your own projects.

Am I immune to the Coronavirus? Probably not. But…

While people are freaking out and calling it „crazy” times, I can’t relate. Like not at all.

I was wondering why, and then I concluded:

My theater ensemble and I (about 20 people), we’ve been working on a Coronavirus-themed theater play [1] for the past 8 months - Our head-writer envisioned a play in which a coronavirus destroys humanity. In reality, we’re not at this point yet but …

A different kind of

Our 20-person theater ensemble based in Berlin, Germany has been working on a play about a coronavirus 7 months ago, before became a thing.

We’ll have our premiere on April 18th in Pankow, join us:

Write killer headlines for Google and your neighbor. But how?

Here’s an example from NPR…

…with an answer:

1) Google sees what sounds like a story that arouses curiosity.
2) Once you’re on the page, you see a shorter punchier headline.
3) When you write headlines, pay attention to the first words. They matter.

# Tag 269

Check-in für Tag 269 von aus St. Petersburg, Florida, wo ich wegen einer Copywriting-Konferenz bin und um mich mit Aufnahmestudios zu connecten.

Heute ist Sonntag, an dem ich durch die Stadt und die Vororte laufe, eine SIM-Karte besorgen werde, Einkäufe mache und mich mit dem ersten Studiobesitzer treffe.

# Day 269

Check-in for today’s day 269 of from St. Petersburg, Florida for a copywriting conference and to connect to recording studios.

Today is Sunday which I’m using to walk around the city and suburbs, get a SIM card, do groceries and have my first meeting.

‪# Tag 268‬

‪Check-in für den heutigen Tag 268 vom - es geht nach St. Petersburg, Florida für eine Copywriting-Konferenz und um mich mit Aufnahmestudios zu connecten.‬

‪Ich aktualisiere diesen Thread im Laufe des Tages. Updates auch auf Englisch.‬

‪In den nächsten Tagen werde ich meine Reise dokumentieren und das fortsetzen, was ich Anfang 2019 getan habe, als ich meine 4-monatige Reise nach Marokko, Portugal, Spanien, in die USA und nach Großbritannien dokumentierte.

# Day 268

Check-in for today’s day 268 of - I’ll be heading to St. Petersburg, Florida for a copywriting conference and to connect to recording studios.

I’ll be updating this thread during the day. Updates will also happen in German.

For the next couple of days I’ll be documenting my trip and continue what I’ve done in the beginning of 2019 when I documented my 4-months trip to Morocco, Portugal, Spain, the US, and the UK.

Let’s go!

Can’t tell if homeless or just techpreneur…

have a good weekend whether you’re tech geek, solopreneur or an actual homeless person though I would doubt that you would read this post.

SPECIAL - Day 137 RAW Update (from zero to profit = 2k EUR MRR) - English and Deutsch - of .

I entered HYPER FOCUS for copywriting client work success. No public studiolist diary until the end of June (for now) and maybe longer. The point is to make 250 euros per week so I eventually make 6k in 6 months…

Hi, hier ist Alex von stolenvoice. Ich bin gerade in Miami, Florida, um Aufnahmestudios für zu sammeln und an einer Business-Konferenz namens 10X Growth Conference teilzunehmen. Es ist eine ziemlich große Sache. Ich plane auch, ein paar Freunde zu treffen und Sonne abzubekommen, die ich seit Wochen vermisst habe. Endlich! Ich werde am 6. Februar 2019 zurück sein, um meine Reise woanders fortzusetzen. Pass auf dich auf, Alex.

Hi, it’s Alex from stolenvoice. I’m currently in Miami, Florida, to collect recording studios for and to attend a business conference called 10X Growth Conference. It’s kind of a big thing. I also plan to meet some friends and get that sun that I’ve been missing for many weeks. Finally! I’ll be back on February 6th, 2019 to continue my journey somewhere else. Take care, Alex.

Oh and this means One Minute Stoic and stolenvoice tv are pausing ⏸.

All tech and gear is cool and important but the thing I’m most excited about is a book: bird by bird by Anne Lamott

Hey @staff, just wanted to let you know that I expressed my alignment with your ideas at "Approaching Utopia" at my project, see screenshot :)’s Mastodon

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