A smart way of content-marketing for a musician could be to take a line of a very popular song that is not the title,

e.g. “I wanna know what love is, I want you to show me” or “This could be heaven for everyone” or “And if I only could, I’d make a deal with God”.

You instantly have the song in your ears just by reading the lyrics.

Now create a song with e.g. titled “This could be heaven for everyone” and publish it with that title.


People may not remember the band behind a song, but they certainly do remember the line that made this song an earworm for them. So they google or youtube the song, et voilà your version of “This could be heaven for everyone” could pop up, and you hacked your way into people’s attention with a little of artistic stealing and by understanding how people look up songs.

Warning: I’m not saying you should steal the complete song, this is only about picking a line of a song, making that your song’s title, but then coming up with your lyrics (or no lyrics) and an original song that may or may not have resemblances with the song you took the line from.

If you try this approach, please let me know how it worked.

And yes, the question of “Are single lines of a song copyright-protected?” would have to be answered up front.

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