Some lines from one of my favorite critics of Zuckerberg’s antisocial behavior as a “leader” of one of the most influential companies on the planet:

“Meta is an ugly, boring company, selling people products they at best sort-of-kind-of-want in a way that they hate. If Zuckerberg had any sense, he would step down and hand the reins over to somebody younger, hungrier and more creative...

...He’d shut down Reality Labs and admit the Meta thing was a huge, stupid mistake, perhaps spinning out Oculus again. Whatever nebulous growth metrics suggest this company is a suggest fail to evaluate exactly how lifeless it is and how far it has strayed from making products that people actually enjoy.”

Source: Ed Zitron -

@naii I have long been convinced FB is engaged in financial fraud of some sort. It lies with shocking regularity about its own metrics, it's never been able to effectively serve ads, and it runs a protection racket on organic reach. None of this adds up.

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