Having experienced James Schramko multiple times over the last couple of years, his “Work Less Make More” is the first book whose lesson I’m actually implementing in my journey as a voice actor.

James lives in Australia.

Has a family.

Surfs every single day.

Works 15-ish hours a week.

You can listen to his short 52-minute interview with Rick Mulready here, if you’re not familiar with James Schramko yet (it’s the piece of content that made me buy his book):


Or, if you’d like to spend less time, watch these 7 two-minute video clips that I edited (and wrote Clip Titles) for my past client, Rick Mulready, as part of my agency work:

1 - How To Keep Improving as an Entrepreneur

2 - Quitting a High-Paid Job and Starting a Membership

3 - Leveraging Revenue Share Deals in Your Membership

4 - The Key Success Factor for a Strong Membership Business


5 - Why People Leave Your Membership Site

6 - The Ideal Churn Rate for Your Membership Site

7 - An Even-Keeled Approach to an Ever-Changing Online Landscape


The good news: James offers his book as a FREE ebook, although I recommend buying a physical copy for taking notes by hand.


You download the book FOR FREE here:

Do it, read it, implement it.

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