What is a Bubble of Dependency?

A Bubble of Dependency is a man-made, self-constructed way of living in which you allow third parties–people, services, tools–to create a life that largely depends on them working for you.

Without aforementioned third parties, your life falls apart, and you are unable to function, in the worst version of a Bubble of Dependency.


Examples for third parties are:

* Gym membership
* Food delivery (regular usage)
* Hanging out with “your class” only
* Isolation from “regular” people
** taking Uber instead of public transporation
** staying in hotels instead of hostels
* Disconnection from your true to please “your class” people only
* Over-consumption of unproductive content and nutrient-poor food


* Staying in your mental and physical zone of comfort for an increased “fear of others”, e.g. Amy Cooper called the New York City Police Department and accused an African American man of threatening her in Central Park after he asked her to leash her dog - that is a problem.
* ...

The examples on their own are unproblematic, but all of them together are “brutal”.

A settled life with an above-average socioeconmic status is fertile ground for a Bubble of Dependency.


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