Finally made the investment I’ve been procrastinating for a while: an indoor rowing machine, not exactly cheap but made close to where I’m living here in Germany, so that’s a bonus


@naii also got back on the rowing machine recently. Haven't tried the one you're linking but looks good. Congrats!

@everlifting Cool! I hope you enjoy rowing.

Which rowing machine do you have?

I’ll have to wait for mine another 3 weeks or so...

@naii Most of the gyms here have Concept2 rowing machines so those are the ones I'm familiar with.


I see.

Yeah, the Concept2 comes up a lot.

And if it hadn’t been so exciting for me to try out the electronically controlled magnetic brake of the Augletics Eight, I probably would've looked at the Concept2, as an example of a wind-braked rowing ergometer, a little closer, mainly because it’s supposed to quite silent as well, maybe even similarly silent to things like the WaterRower - which I like design-wise because it’s made of wood 🪵😎

@naii Damn! Love the wooden design of the WaterRower! Haven't seen that one before.

At some point I might get my own rower at home and I'll hit you up with suggestions. For now I'm at the mercy of the gyms.


Yeah, right!!!

I’ll actually pay a visit to one of their stores in Hamburg on Wednesday just to see the WaterRower live in action (I wanna see what I'm missing out on) and some of their other equipment that I pretty much adore from an aesthetic and design point of view.

Such beauties 😍

@everlifting That’s one way of seeing it *haha*.

I would call it: gathering wisdom and insight :P


[June 9th, 2022 Follow-up on the WaterRower I talked about:]

Yesterday I went to Hamburg to visit their brand store

I tried out the WaterRower, and I must say: the rowing experience is great, and hearing the water in the rower is fantastic! The stronger you pull the harder it gets. It fels very natural.

See this quick <1 minute video the friendly staff member Adama recorded for me:

@naii very nice! Thanks for getting back to me. It looks unstable? Is it a bug or a feature?


Yeah, sure!

The "unstable" aspect is actually intentional, because if you look closer, you’ll see there’s something below the rower that normally isn’t there.

It’s what they they "FlowRow Balance-Board"

The regular rower has none of this, so they are totally optional, but also a lil more fun :)

To answer your question: it’s a def a feature.

@naii also I can tell the noise from the water is WAY more preferable to the typical fan-like noise you get from other machines!

@everlifting Yeah, exactly!

I remember this fan-like noise from my indoor rowing experience which was years ago, and I never liked it very much.

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