How to handle multiple interests?

Here are two ways:

1. Dedicate attention in seasons
2. Dedicate attention in parallel

When dedicating attention in seasons, you pay attention to one interest of yours. Of course, make sure basic needs (financial, mental health, bodily wellness, spiritual, etc.) are covered. Then pay attention to that one interest you have by practicing and executing it.


Regarding your other interests, keep the flame alive by consumption only, e.g., watching YouTube videos of YouTubers pursuing that interest. The point is that these other interests don’t die or dry out.

When dedicating attention in parallel, you pay attention to multiple interests at the same time. It’s almost like in school, where you’re having many classes on the same day and covering many interests of yours. The point here is diversity not efficacy, or making progress in one particular area.


Of course, way number 1 will lead to more/higher results because you spend more time with it. But if your point is to be inspired in a multi-faceted manner, pursue your many interests at the same time. But again, make sure your basics are covered, so that you are well (and under no stress) when pursuing them.

These are two ways to handle your multiple interests :)

How do you handle your many interests?

Lemme know 🙂

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