Here’s what I don’t understand:

Western-world people with their fetish for consumption want to buy products fast, cheap, and with great quality.

This is possible because of a globalized world.

Now my impression is that these people want and celebrate this aspect of globalization, “Hey, I can purchase quality stuff for cheap because some child in Bangladesh worked their ass off to produce it for me.”



What if we not only took this one side of globalization, the one that benefits us, but consider the full picture of globalization, which does mean child labor, which does mean poor wages, and which does mean people fighting for survival to make ends meet on a fucking daily basis?

Is my little here going to make a difference, or even matter? Maybe, maybe not.


But I believe awareness and consideration when making purchasing decisions is a feasible and practical way to create some sort of balance in this misbalanced global world 🌍 ⚖️ ✌️

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