Castrating my iphone to sooner or later say good-bye to the iCloud ecosystem because it feels more like a prison, especially when you try to access the data (the files) easily.

I still haven’t found a way to export the 7.594 notes from the

The ones that looked promising…

1. (exports or backups notes from Apple’s only into plain text format without attachments)

2. (crashed at around 100 notes again and again)

…didn’t work.

The Exporter Tool is actually working well.

It only crashed before because Miro Video Converter was running in parallel and my weak Mac Mini didn’t like to serve another demanding application.

Some exports fail but even when they fail, the app shows me that they fail and exports these notes as .html files instead of .md files.

The interface is also neat.

@naii useful. thanks for posting these softwares & tips 🤘

very useful to know 👍

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