Hi @aral, for a new website I want to give a real shot.

I want to see how bullet- and fool-proof it is for someone like me who is not a super hardcore tech guy.

I like how is made - it’s fast responsive and when you click an article it nicely hovers over the rest of the website.

Would say that achieving this kind of site with Site.js is possible and possible easily?

@naii Hi Alexander, you can build any kind of site with Site.js. At its core it serves web pages and incorporates Node.js.

For a good front-end framework, I would look at (there is a very exciting new project called SvelteKit that is due to get its first release at some point in the near-ish future but until then, look at either Snowpack + svelte or Sapper.)

@aral That’s super helpful! I’ll check it out.

Sapper/Svelte looks interesting.


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