These 2 things made me more productive:

1. Track every second of your life (I’m using Toggl)

2. Write every day by sending daily emails to your list (I’m using Substack)

Why do they work for me?

With Toggl I know exactly how I’m spending my time. It’s the truth, and I’m using only 4 broad categories:

- Sleep
- Leisure time
- Commission work
- Business organization

I’m also using 3 project-specific categories that are less relevant for you because you have your own projects.

For example, right now I’m tracking my time as well. The category? Business organization.

And by writing daily emails (I started this week), I’m, first of all, training my writing muscle and, second, I’m showing up and presenting my knowledge and expertise in terms of copywriting.

My goal with these emails: Make my readers more money and save them money through small copywriting and business tips.

You can pimp your sales copy too? Go to and get my daily emails and weekly real-world case studies to make more money.

The best way to defy Covid–19 times is to defy the complaining and blaming by taking action (deviating, pivoting, adapting).

See you at Copywriting Examples!


Alex Kluge

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