Am I immune to the Coronavirus? Probably not. But…

While people are freaking out and calling it „crazy” times, I can’t relate. Like not at all.

I was wondering why, and then I concluded:

My theater ensemble and I (about 20 people), we’ve been working on a Coronavirus-themed theater play [1] for the past 8 months - Our head-writer envisioned a play in which a coronavirus destroys humanity. In reality, we’re not at this point yet but …


…the latest figures are relatively high and Covid–19 is going „viral”.

So, why can’t I relate?

The virus has been such a big topic in my life for almost 3 quarters of a year that I’m just not shocked or surprised anymore. I’ll be performing three characters in our play that live in this Coronavirus-affected world. It has become my (fictitious) reality before it turned into your reality.

I was mentally prepared and in my mind it was real. Now „real” reality has been catching up. Previously, I only applied the technique of mentally preparing for things to happen in the business context and in sports, but I never anticipated it would be happening for a deadly virus that has been causing a worldwide pandemic.

I don’t know in which position this puts me but I believe our theater group was (mentally speaking) probably the best prepared 20 people out of the eight billion worldwide.

And THAT is a little crazy…


[1] Our on-stage theater play now turned into a radio drama because of the Covid–19 outbreak (and it’s a little ironic — like the beast we „created” is now „eating” its creators so to say).

Photo: The circle line today in London during rush hour (by Hugh E.)

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