I got sick… and (partly) tired of how the auditions for our theater play were going. The process was horrible (and yes I believe my absence in that one session where the process was decided had an influence). These were 4 weeks in which the side-project theater group turned into a full-time unpaid position and where I became „full-time copywriting analyst” for a website (for 10 days).


This is what happened in week 7-10 of building Studiolist.org in 2020:



FYI: Studiolist.org is the largest search-engine of voiceover recording studios for voiceover artists, audiobook narrators, YouTube creators, and podcasters.

2020 is my last shot to make my 2017-born startup Studiolist.org profitable* with a „labor budget” of 32h a week and a money budget of 12k EUR (which are all my savings).

*profitable means € 957 / mo, because these are my current fix costs: naii.io/2020/costs in an average month.

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