11: Do your job (feat. Tame Impala - Borderline)


Exactly one year ago I prepared a 4-months journey in which I challenged myself to validate my startup Studiolist. And these were the words that I had read before I went on the road…

Do what’s in front of you.

Approach every task with a sturdy mind. Do it as if it was your last duty. And disregard everything that can hold you back: Hoax emotions, drama, vanity, and presumptions about your fair share. Forget it.


You do very few tasks but you do them well.

When you clean dishes, excel.

When you walk the dog, join the playful mood of him.

When you wait at the traffic light, enjoy this unplanned break as a pastime and indulge in serenity.

You gain clarity by doing the simple task of doing your job.

And yes, that’s what I did when I successfully validated Studiolist after four months of being on the road. That’s why I’m spending the year 2020 challenging myself to make Studiolist profitable.

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