I need some help, at least another perspective.

I wanna do the right thing and be ethical.

I’m aware of YouTube, Googe, Facebook being creepy companies spying on us. I try to avoid them as good as I can.

But with my new focus on helping nonprofits I also know that being present on these platforms can help gain more donors. It can substantially help a nonprofit organization.

How do you handle that?

On the one hand wanting to stay ethical by not using spying platforms.

On the other hand wanting the maximum amount of donors for nonprofit.

I appreciate any new perspective :)

@naii Post, but find alternative ways to spread it, such as posting to YouTube but when sharing, link to the video on

Another example is, at my day job, I post a lot of events. Our calendar automatically has a built in Google Maps display which is nice and easy for me, but if I link to the locations anywhere else, I look it up on OpenStreetMap and link directly to that.

@estoricru That’s cool! I was not aware of

I think that could be a good way to approach it. Using the infrastructure of those companies for your own convenience but then when sharing with others using ethical service providers like Invidious or OpenStreetMap.

That could work!

@naii If we want to go good, we have to reach the masses.

To reach the masses, we have to go to where they are.

From there, we should try converting them. Slowly.

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