Your Sex Life, Now Appearing at Facebook

Thought spying on you couldn't get worse? This week the adtech sleaze-o-meter takes us to, of all places, Facebook! The BBC ( reported this week that a study by Privacy International determined that "Intimate data, including when people have had sex, is being shared with Facebook."

Here's how this disgusting bullshit works. If you're a woman -- which many of us are -- and you use an app to track your cycle, look out. According to the BBC...

"Menstruation apps collect some of the most intimate data imaginable - from general health, to information about sex, moods, what the user eats, drinks and even what sanitary products she uses. Sharing to them make money..." You see, it's good for the economy!

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According to Privacy International, "The wide reach of the apps that our research has looked at might mean that intimate details of the private lives of millions of users across the world are shared with Facebook and other third parties without those users' free unambiguous and informed or explicit consent..."

But, wait, you say. Didn't Zuckerberg just tell us that protecting our privacy is his top priority? Sure, but c'mon, give the kid a break. Maybe he just forgot. h/t Andrew Hall

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In other charming Facebook news, according to one reader, when he posted comments about my article last week called "A Conspiracy of Silence" ( on Facebook, the censor-imbeciles took it down.

Source: Bob Hoffman (newsletter #176/ September 15, 2019)

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