Hi @aral, yesterday when I was in Tampa, Florida I learned about Anonymous for the Voiceless (AV) They use a donation box software named Donorbox ( which reminded me of donation form you’re using on

I was wondering: Do you use Donorbox for Small Technology Foundation as well or did you hand-code it yourself?

@naii Anytime, man. Please feel free to take and use. I want to eventually make it a plugin-style thing for Site.js but first I have to decide what plugin-style things look like for Site.js ;)

@aral That’s cool! I will try to wrap my head around it (I’m not per se a programmer though I have a computer science background, but don’t tell anyone ^^).

(and before I forget: **HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU** - sung in a scratchy/pitchy yet friendly singing voice) :) haha :D it’s good to have you around and making noise about things that matter! :)

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