Hey there @support :)

So I’d like to host my own pixelfed instance with you and I know I can order it here:

Before I do that I have another question (because I saw it on your website)…

How does hosting a PeerTube instance work and what’s the monthly fee you’re charging?

@naii 👋 Hey.

Peertube pricing plans are same as pixelfed (cost is based on amount of storage used). Max file upload size for videos is 2GB. Standard "only upload content you have copyright over" disclaimer. Because Peertube has greater resources requirements I don't have the option in the online form just so I can ensure that each signup is speedy. For peertube I generate a paypal subscription link and email it to the client.

If you have any other Qs please let me know.
@naii I re-read my message, and I may have been a bit unclear, specifically the peertube plans are exactly the same as pixelfed.
$5USD/MO for 10GB
$10USD/MO for 30GB
$30USD/MO for 100GB
and custom plans for larger sizes are available.


Oh, I see. Then I totally mis-read it.

Maybe this copy could work better…


> Can you host peertube?
> Peertube hosting is available upon request.

Better (using Markdown formatting):

> Can I host PeerTube with your service?
> Yes, you can [order PeerTube hosting]( The PeerTube pricing is exactly the same as Pixelfed. Keep in mind that you will need another server/subdomain for PeerTube.


And I would add this question:

> Can I host Pixelfed and PeerTube at the same time?
> Yes. You can [order Pixelfed hosting]( and you can [order your PeerTube plan]( You will need one server/subdomain for Pixelfed and one server/subdomain for PeerTube.

And I would change the following copy as well, see the text and screenshot that follows:

> Pixelfed & PeerTube hosting available

> Bring your own domain

> Pricing


> Pixelfed/PeerTube (3x)

Here’s the screenshot of the changed copytext.


And I would recommend that on your signup page you add another option whether the person wants to host Pixelfed or PeerTube with you or both. So, a checkbox would be nice.

Here is the updated copytext and a screenshot of how the signup page could look like:

> Enter the following information, and once you complete payment at PayPal you will receive an email with instructions to access your new installation within 12 hours.


> Pixelfed or PeerTube, or both?

<input type="checkbox" checked> Pixelfed
<input type="checkbox" checked> PeerTube

(The checkboxes would have to be designed properly as well ^^)


Ok I see. Then forget my suggestion to add PeerTube to the signup form. But at least you could mention PeerTube more directly, as I said her:

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