Hey @hugo, I’m very happy with your service @mastohost :)

And now I'm contemplating on the possibility of joining @pixelfed.

Do you offer Pixelfed hosting too? Would I need another server/subdomain, e.g.

Or can I use my Mastodon instance to post on Pixelfed?

@naii Hello! I'm glad you are enjoying the hosting.

I don't offer Pixelfed hosting (others do, like @support )

Still, if you want to host your own Pixelfed instance you will need to have another server/subdomain but you can also just create an account on another pixelfed instance (eg: and use that just to post your images. Like Mastodon, if you host your own instance you are the admin and have control over that instance, if you are a user on another instance you don't

@mastohost @support

Thanks, Hugo! That makes sense.

Spacebear sounds like a good option. I’ll give it a try.

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