Day 130 RAW Update (from zero to profit = 2k EUR MRR) - English and Deutsch - of . Photos and videos at the end 👉 Fotos und Videos am Ende 👉

I didn’t get out of the house today. After around 7 hours of sleep I analyzed the results of the past 7 days with my mum. Good results. She’s on a good way. I’m happy to help her.

Then some opening stretches (as learned by Heidi) followed by 12.5 hours of working which includes the day job (2h) and further works on I translated heaps, wrote tons of words and tested my new questionnaire. It’s at least twice the amount of work because I’m setting up the copywriting service in German and English. Also, my FAQ page is pretty long because I’m including my process. I’ll go live this week with the changes.

Around 22.30 I had and around midnight I started writing this about. In summary: Writing text and code as well translating was my main activity today.

The special thing about is that I’m not using email for communicating with clients but exclusively . It’s time to take the next step.

It’s 00.19am.

Thanks for reading.

I appreciate you.


This was day 130. Until May 31, 2019 I had been validating my 👷‍♂️ startup within 4 months while traveling and working (day job, voiceover). If there had been no market validation till June 1, 2019 the startup would have 🧟‍♂️ died - but it didn’t. So, now I’m in the phase of making it profitable = 2k of monthly recurring revenue is the aim.

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