Day 128 RAW Update (from zero to profit = 2k EUR MRR) - English and Deutsch - of . Photos and videos at the end 👉 Fotos und Videos am Ende 👉

An alive day. That’s how I would call what happened today. I was late meeting a friend (Heidi) to start personal training and nutrition consulting. She’s the expert in that and my go-to person for that.

BUT: I was late. Then also a tram didn’t come and I had forgotten the PIN code of my phone until the point where I remembered - I actually had entered it wrong twice and was afraid to enter it wrong the 3rd because my phone would have gotten locked (and PUK which I don’t remember at all would be needed). So, when I was at the meeting point in Treptower Park she wasn’t there because I was 25 minutes. I now tried to find a Wifi place which there was none, and I also needed to pee urgently.

I remembered this one bar a few minutes away from where I was. I went there but it was closed (like forever). I still found a place to do my P business and after that - that P pressure can make you forget to think straight - I remembered the PIN, and I also remember it was 4 digits not 6. So, I unlocked the phone. One hour later than our original meeting time. I called and I apologized. It was embarrassing especially since it was our kick-off meeting.

Heidi, fortunately, was able to arrange it with her and in close to no time we had our meeting. Guys and gals, approach her if you’re living in Berlin. She’s not only knowledgeable in terms health and fitness but also knows to cook deli stuff.

This dynamic reminded me of what life is all about. Making mistakes, apologizing, acceptance, forgiveness and then still having a good time. As much as I like control („control freak“), letting go is and has to be part of life…


…That’s part of the reason why I enjoy traveling so much: You indulge into the unknown. It fits therefore that I finished the day re-watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Fantastic piece by Ben Stiller!

After my time with Heidi and lots of new things to process, I had a meal, took a close to 6h nap. Don’t ask. I was surprised how tired I was myself.

I noticed the Walter Mitty film was the first video piece I watched after my arrival back in Berlin. The last days before I went to bed without watching a TV show or something, and it felt great. I also signalized that I’m focused on what I’m doing and really into it. An „escape“ which a TV show or film can be or is was not necessary. So, in a way I’m still traveling despite being in Berlin.

After the nap I engaged with my new copywriting community (Copy Chief, by Kevin Rogers) where I expect to learn from the very best.

Then groceries shopping (pretty healthy stuff) and the day 6 lesson of Copywriting Daily.

Then it was 1am already and I watched Walter Mitty as written above.

Tomorrow it’s time to send lesson 2.3 of the masterclass. I had sent lesson 2.2. on May 4th and because of traveling I wasn’t able to send lesson 2.3 on May 11th and so on.

It’s 03.45am now.

Thanks for reading.

I appreciate you.

This was day 128. Until May 31, 2019 I had been validating my 👷‍♂️ startup within 4 months while traveling and working (day job, voiceover). If there had been no market validation till June 1, 2019 the startup would have 🧟‍♂️ died - but it didn’t. So, now I’m in the phase of making it profitable = 2k of monthly recurring revenue is the aim.

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