2 Billion People Worldwide Using Ad Blockers - cc @aral + @better

If you doubt that the current model of online advertising is a scourge, have a look at these numbers. According to the great Doc Searls, worldwide over two billion people are now using ad blockers.

Internet World Stats says that there are now 4.3 billion internet users and Global Web Index says that 47% of them are blocking ads.

And if you belief the Zuckerberg horseshit that the adtech ecosystem has to collect unconscionable amounts of "data" about us because it makes online advertising more "relevant", check out this number. Of the 12 reasons people who use ad blockers gave for using them, the second most mentioned (and just one percentage point from being the first) was that the ads are "annoying or irrelevant."

Let me say what I've said a thousand times. Online advertising is valuable and necessary because it funds an amazing array of utilities and enjoyable experiences that otherwise would not be available to us for free. The problem is not advertising per sé. The problem is the current model of surveillance-based online advertising -- based on tracking and spying -- which leads to a certain kind of extremely annoying, dangerous, relentless, and dreadful advertising.

Source: Bob Hoffman - The Ad Contrarian - - NEWSLETTER #155/ March 24, 2019

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