Day 20/120 RAW Update - English and Deutsch - of . Photos and videos at the end 👉 Fotos und Videos am Ende 👉

It’s my last full day here in Casablanca. I spent my time sleeping long so I can recover even more. After I did the day job for a few hours, then did organizational stuff, had breakfast/lunch and contacted more studios, also those in Rabat…

…I’ll call more studios in Rabatt tomorrow morning before my scheduled meeting with another studio owner.

After that I worked on the website (, added those Moroccan studies that agreed on being listed there already and I made the next important bookings (bus trips and accommodation for Portugal and Spain, basically Lisbon-Madrid-Barcelona from Feb 24 to Mar 7)…

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…Oh, and I also pre-bookmarked all studios I could find in Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona and Toulouse - and in other Spanish cities but for this trip I won’t be covering them.

All that doesn’t sound like a lot but I do feel accomplished and I also feel like getting more rest. My back is again in „grandpa mode“ and I should sleep to make it through the next tough days: 3 days in Rabat, departure from Casa to Lisbon, then 3 nights in Lisbon, 4 nights in Madrid and 5 nights in Barcelona followed by 4 nights in Toulouse.

Thanks for reading.

I appreciate you.

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This was day 20 of 120, I’m validating my 👷‍♂️ startup within 4 months while traveling and working (day job, voiceover). If there’s no market validation until Jun 1, 2019 the startup 🧟‍♂️ dies.

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