Another not so super good night. The loud party bass noise in the hotel or the underground discotheque was an obstacle for a calm sleep. That’s how I got up. I pushed myself to the breakfast table, then a few minutes of sun and off to the day job - a five-hours session. I then caught up with sleep (4 hours) in the afternoon and it was like heaven…


…Yes, there was the cleaning lady who interrupted my sleep twice but the overall calm was awesome. That was the recovery sleep that had the big impact on my health. I like that kind of sleep the most!

I let dinner follow eating at a Libanese place directly at Agadir’s Marina (145 MAD for a shrimp soup, Falafel and a beer which is around 13 EUR). Normally, I don’t eat outside or I try get something for to-go but this time I rewarded myself.

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