Day 7/120 RAW Update - English and Deutsch - of . Photos and videos of Miami at the end 👉 Fotos und Videos am Ende 👉


After a sleepless night before the flight (Berlin-Manchester-Agadir) I had an okay flight with Ryanair to Manchester where I chatted with a guy from Manchester („Manchesterian“). We talked about learning, business, life and the courage to start his own business. If you’ll hear about a Jody and a burger called „Manchester - The Honest Burger“ it’s likely that I something to do with it ;)

The flight from Manchester to Agadar with TUI Airways was the worst experience I had ever had. The Moroccan guy sitting behind me was acting like an antisocial asshole. He was loud when chatting with his friends and he put his arms on the back of my seat like a monkey wanting to play the drums. At some point, I made him aware that his movements affect my chair. He was totally not aware of - ignorant asshole. After, he behaved. So, I’m guessing that he was ashamed. And he should.

Also, the teenagers on the plane loud and being party animals. I felt like on a train and not on plane. Usually, according to my experience, in a plane people behave and are quiet. On this ride, it was the opposite for that group of English-speaking teens.

Take into consideration that I was sleep-deprived, hungry and thirsty. That affected my observation.

Around 8pm I arrived in Agadir and I met this cool skateboarder-surfer (in the airport) who is also writer, programmer, cryptocurrency guy and kick-ass Manchesterian - we’re sharing a similar mindset in terms of our joy of walking, wealth/money creation, assets and the enjoyment of the ride (traveling) while building stuff. He’s staying in Taghazout which is more of a relaxed town with direct access to the beach. It was a good taxi ride with him. I paid 150 MAD for like a half an hour ride.

Then in the hotel (Adrar Agadir) I paid 924 MAD (~85) for 4 nights which is ok. The hotel is ok. Not the best, not the worst. Construction works during the daytime and the charm of a hotel built decades ago (maybe in the 1960s).

So, day 7 (on Feb 7) was long. The day actually started when I made my way back to Berlin which started on Feb 5. So, it was three days. No surprise that I slept for quite a long time in the night from day 7 to day 8. But that’s what I’ll cover in my day 8 update.

Thanks for reading.

I appreciate you. This was day 7 of 120, I’m validating my 👷‍♂️ startup within 4 months while traveling and working (day job, voiceover). If there’s no market validation until Jun 1, 2019 the startup 🧟‍♂️ dies.

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