I’m getting fed up (more and more) with virtuality. I feel in 2019 I want to be more in-person, more in-touch, more in physical proximity with people and (probably) work less being „locked“ in the home office. I’m not a hermit.

@naii I am absolutely a hermit, but I feel you.

I want to go to more events but otherwise I want to be locked in a cabin in the woods and completely left alone :P

@garrett I do see the appeal of a locked cabin in the woods because in it I could do perfect voiceover recordings, and alone in the forest at night is better than any horror movie :P

@naii Yeah now that I think about it, cabins in the woods are always bad in horror movies. Especially the horror movie Cabin In The Woods.

@garrett I'll verify that ;) and watch it after today's work will be done. THANKS!! :)

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