My voiceover journey started 338 days ago. This is my path to become an actor, so I don’t regret that I haven’t tried pursuing it!


The last two episodes were messy, pure chaos. Nobody would really watch this. I know I said that I want stolenvoice tv to be raw but I also want it to be something that I (or some of my family members) would want to watch, at the very least.

Also, I didn’t enjoy that these episodes have become so long. I want to be under 10 minutes (or even 5!) in all future episodes.

Here’s my plan to accomplish that:

I will pick only the very best aspects of the week and talk about it. This and only that will become part of the recorded video show. In the full text I allow myself to be more verbose and write in full-length. So, you can watch the video to get the very best and/or read the article to get the full picture.

And: I have another addition. Each new episode will now be accompanied by a 1-minute teaser that I’ll publish on Instagram only. Instead of just publishing a square-formatted image, I’ll publish a square-formatted video.

This does mean extra work but I think it’ll serve you, as the audience member better. And, because I’ll save time recording (due to the shorter video) I can make the effort to create the 1-minute short summary.

That’s exciting news!!!


I know, normally you make a best-of AFTER a longer period of time, even a lifetime. But I figured: Since every day is worth living, I can at least make every 7 days a best-of compilation! Don’t you think it’s worth it?

The stolenvoice quadruple has their say.

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