My voiceover journey started 324 days ago. This is my path to become an actor, so I don’t regret that I haven’t tried pursuing it!


Uff, what a „marbled“ week. Far from ideal but hey that’s alright.

I stopped my 90 days of laser focus challenge at day 45. That was a sad but necessary step. Public accountability helped me in the beginning but then it became something I didn’t want to do anymore. It drowned me instead of fueling me. So, I went cold-turkey and quit.

Did you know about the 3-2-1 backup strategy? Well, now I do and I made the first steps towards it. I wrote down my backup, storage and sync system. Not exactly boring but also not my core topic. You can pay a lot of money for backing up your data. That’s for sure.

There’s more that happened this week, like a new production and a language surprise! Watch this week’s episode or read it all on

Of course, Frank, Hank and Jimmy, and yours truly will have their say and review their week.

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