My voiceover journey started 317 days ago. This is my path to become an actor, so I don’t regret that I haven’t tried pursuing it!


A battle of artist and solider, free-thinker versus disciplined person. That’s how I felt. I gave a lot of room to the artist this week, which felt great. That allowed me to discover music producer deadmau5 through his masterclass, and it made me learn more about film-making by watching Peter McKinnon & Co. which I could apply to the video I’ve been editing for my brother and his wife’s wedding which I recorded as well.

I had two successful days in terms of my week’s focus (wedding video and commercial reel) and two non-successful days due to organizational things.

And there was this thing with the apartment: Should I stay and be a stay-home person or should I hit the road and be/come a Digital Voiceover Nomad (DVoN)? Yesterday, when I had thought about it more I abandoned the idea of moving to a new place and instead go work-travel again as a I’m still uncertain and haven’t made a final decision.

Here’s what the four Pappenheimer want to tell you. Listen to Frank, Hank, Jimmy and my analytic self.

Oh, and this time Frank will be less verbose on what he did and didn’t do. He will just refer to what’s written in the blog. Otherwise, it’s boring. Also, as soon as I start work-traveling more I’ll include some B-roll of the places I’ve been to make the stolenvoice tv episodes more interesting to you.

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