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Lebensaufgabe: Bremsen und Faker identifizieren und ignorieren. Leute reden lassen. Eigenes Ding machen - mit den richtigen Partnern. Focus!

(21. Juni 2013, 10:04)

Some things will never change.

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For context: Tarantino considers screenwriting like writing a novel (literature). It’s about the page, not the movie (as the final end result).


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And it seems like people who teach screenwriting go in the opposite direction.

If you’re judging it by a coloring book, and you’re getting A’s for keeping your colors inside of the lines, then maybe they are right. But that’s not how I want to judge it.

Words by Quentin Tarantino

Source for those words:

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The journey is everything.

The journey makes the destination worthwhile.

You can only have a worthwhile destination after you’ve had a worthwhile journey.

A novelist trusts that.

Actors trust that. They trust (if they live the part and they are honest, and they don’t try to pre-determine too much) that the ultimate end result will be rewarding.

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Most of these people that talk about writing for screenplays… if they were teaching acting, they would be thrown out and ridiculed.

They all seem to be result-oriented.


Real actors aren’t result-oriented.


Real writers aren’t result-oriented.

I mean, the actor wants everything they do to be magnificent, and the writer wants everything they do to be magnificent.

But novelists aren’t result-oriented. It’s the doing of it. It’s the process. It’s the getting there. It’s the journey.

„Tut das nicht weh?”, fragt er.

„Ne, es ist stimulierend. Und man weiß, wo und worauf man läuft.”, erwiderte ich.

Er sagte: „Aha”. Und ich setze meinen Barfußgang fort.


„Doesn’t that hurt?”, he asked.

„Nope, it’s stimulating. And one knows where and on what surface one walks on”, I replied.

He said: „I see.” And I continued my barefoot walk.

They didn’t tell you that applying for jobs/projects is time-traveling.

Today when I assembled my UX/writing portfolio, I traveled to 2006 and then within seconds I was back in 2020.


The past 3-4 years I’ve been working hard and long hours.

Often with no outcome.

While you could see that as pointless or failures, I consider it strength training…

Sure, I would’ve liked to see positive outcomes but even without am I practicing my endurance and my zero-expectation mentality towards nobody & nothing.

If you expect nothing (but work as if you expected the best outcome), then everything is a surprise.

And who doesn’t love surprises, right? I have them every other week or so.

As a kid in the 90s, I was watching so much TV.

I swore to myself I would watch cartoons even as an adult.

I’m 36 now, and yes, I’ve stopped watching cartoons.

But… I’ve retained my child-like curiosity and my joy to play (now as an actor and soccer player).

My plan is to continue.

But so far: Mission accomplished.

this always gives me the chills…

Too many writers write for the wrong reasons.

They want to get famous or they want to get rich or they want to get laid by the girls with the bluebells in their hair…

When everything works best, it’s not because you chose writing, but because writing chose you. It’s when you’re mad with it. When it’s stuffed in your ears, nostrils, under your finer nails.

It’s when there’s no hope but that.

—Charles Bukowski

(I have no affiliation to these guys, so don’t lynch the messenger. The words stem from the creators. I’m just sharing good stuff.)

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It’s still voiceover when it’s a sound made by a human, right?

Most sounds in user-centric applications are synthesized and sound like they were made for machines, or often poorly imitate humans.

Think „You've got mail.”

But humans respond to natural sounds meant for humans. So we've created an audio library just for that!

All sales will be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative.

A glimpse into the present future

Spot is a robot dog made by Boston Dynamics, and here is the first documentary about it.

It’s one of those songs that stick stick stick…

Chemical Brothers - We’ve Got To Try

It’s stuck in mind. Can’t forget it. Don’t. Want. To. Forget. It.

Great storytelling, too!

Got my email address.

The onboarding process and copywriting is clear, friendly, and concise.

Please, all UX Writers, steal Basecamp’s onboarding copy for HEY. Your customers will love you for it.

(I’m a Basecamp customer, so my PoV is probably biased.)

TikTok is essentially malware that is targeting children.

Calling it an advertisement platform is an understatement.

Don’t use TikTok. Don’t let your friends and family use it.

Words by „a nerd who figures out how apps work for a job”

Delroy Edwards - Snake Eyes
SnP 500 - 44
Jungle by Night - Spending Week (Oceanic 'Cornucopia' Remix)
NKC - Codeine Crash
Desert Sound Colony - Control Yourself
Human Resources - At Tanagra
Benjamin Milz - ORKL-0114-02 B
PRIMITIVE - Primitive Urges 1 - A1
Martyn Bootyspoon - Tom Tom Club
DJ Pooch - Tonights the night

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