The $ sign marks the end of string, and ? mark makes the trailing slash opional (e.g. both /samplepage and /samplepage/ will be redirected)

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I found the solution!

Here’s how to make redirects of your root domain work without affecting non-root domain redirects (or sub-pages) that are on the same domain:

# Redirect for root domain URL to Twitter account

RedirectMatch 301 ^/?$

# Redirect to YouTube channel

Redirect 301 /youtube

# Redirect to sub-page

Conclusion: The key was to use ^/?$ instead of only / or ^/.

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I have a web tech question:

How can I redirect a root domain to another URL without affecting existing redirects/sub-folders that exist on that domain?

For example,

I’m using…

RedirectMatch 301 ^/

…to redirect my site to my birdsite account.

But I also have existing redirects/sub-folders that should not be harmed, e.g.

But using "RedirectMatch 301 ^/" now redirects to Twitter.

Are multiple redirects possible?

My favorite YouTube video:

10 Hours of Turkey Gobble

inspired by the word “Gobbledygook” (German: Kauderwelsch)

My #WordPress optimisation continues. I’ve now got my site down to 2 requests (the page and the favicon) and 49.3kb. Oh, and straight 100s on

I think that’s pretty darn good for WordPress and I’ll call it quits there. 🙃

But WordPress is bloated, right? 🤷‍♂️



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Warning: I’m not saying you should steal the complete song, this is only about picking a line of a song, making that your song’s title, but then coming up with your lyrics (or no lyrics) and an original song that may or may not have resemblances with the song you took the line from.

If you try this approach, please let me know how it worked.

And yes, the question of “Are single lines of a song copyright-protected?” would have to be answered up front.

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People may not remember the band behind a song, but they certainly do remember the line that made this song an earworm for them. So they google or youtube the song, et voilà your version of “This could be heaven for everyone” could pop up, and you hacked your way into people’s attention with a little of artistic stealing and by understanding how people look up songs.

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A smart way of content-marketing for a musician could be to take a line of a very popular song that is not the title,

e.g. “I wanna know what love is, I want you to show me” or “This could be heaven for everyone” or “And if I only could, I’d make a deal with God”.

You instantly have the song in your ears just by reading the lyrics.

Now create a song with e.g. titled “This could be heaven for everyone” and publish it with that title.

Your true love is out there. Keep searching.

(also applicable to other areas of your life where curious and brave exploration serves you well, because exploring includes opening and re-opening old wounds, which can be painful at times)

Focusing on pure performance.

“Keep production value as minimal as possible - no sets, no costumes, no lights, just reading it - to throw all the emphasis on the language and to show that theater can be created at any setting.

Getting in a room with complete strangers and reminding ourselves of our humanity for the purpose of self-expression is a valuable tool.”

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“How great would it be to have theater presented through characters that were accessible without being condescending”

(featuring a great minimal-theater performance of Marco Ramirez’s “I am not Batman”)

(what follow is only funny if you’re NOT a millennial)

I’m only familiar with 25 letters in the English language.

I don’t know why.

The cinematic magic of light clouds* is that they diffuse the sunlight, creating an evenly-spread light on the stage (the surface we live on).

*thin clouds, not the thick opaque ones that carry many tears

The Pacific Ocean is so full of plastic that scientists consider renaming it to “Plastific Ocean” 🥤🐬.

If it weren’t so sad, one could laugh about it.

🇩🇪 Der Pazifik ist so voll mit Plastik, dass Wissenschaftler erwägen, ihn in „Plastischer Ozean“ or „Plastifik“ umzubenennen 🥤🐬.

Wenn es nicht so traurig wäre, könnte man darüber lachen.

war & propaganda 

On YouTube I regularly see people leaving nasty comments addressed at myself both under my videos or replying to my comments under other people's videos.

All that because I've put a Ukrainian flag next to my nickname as an admittedly pathetic token of support but more as a remainder for people who live far away from this war.

I am saddened by this more than anything as it proves that totalitarian brainwashing is as effective in the era of Internet as it was in the last century.

(the title of the video no. 4 is clickbaity because it’s not really shocking. The guy is only trying to process his first 24 hours in Saudi Arabia, which is normal if you’re new to a country)

All 4 videos made by Peter Santanello who aims to present real stories with pushing an opinion down your throat or something like that.

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Some insightful medium to longer-form videos I watched on the topic of being a Muslim:

Being A Muslim Woman In America 🇺🇸

Fully Covered Muslim Woman Opens Up 🇺🇸

Dinner With 12 American Muslims (BIG Episode) 🇺🇸


...He’d shut down Reality Labs and admit the Meta thing was a huge, stupid mistake, perhaps spinning out Oculus again. Whatever nebulous growth metrics suggest this company is a suggest fail to evaluate exactly how lifeless it is and how far it has strayed from making products that people actually enjoy.”

Source: Ed Zitron -

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Some lines from one of my favorite critics of Zuckerberg’s antisocial behavior as a “leader” of one of the most influential companies on the planet:

“Meta is an ugly, boring company, selling people products they at best sort-of-kind-of-want in a way that they hate. If Zuckerberg had any sense, he would step down and hand the reins over to somebody younger, hungrier and more creative...

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