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When quantity leads to quality, then the following is also true:

As a writer your measure is words written.

As a voice actor your measure is pieces acted out.

As a story producer your measure is stories produced.

Write. Act. Produce.

Do more of it, especially out of self-initiation, and not only on commission.

Day 1 of eating less meat, and more veggie/vegan.

I had tried eating vegetarian for 18 months or so, and eating like a pescetarian for a couple of months as well.

But now I want to reduce my meat consumption again, and let fish be the only meat I want to eat.

However, if I happen to around people and gatherings where meat is eaten, I won’t be the drama king/queen making a big deal. I’ll then either eat it, or I won’t.

But when I do the groceries, that’s when I’ll be careful about what I buy.

Day 1 of only showering with cold water.

I have done cold showers only in the past, but now I want to do it exclusively, unless I get sick or something.

Peter Dickson is one of the best-known voiceover artists in the UK.

His career has spun 4 decades.

Now he wrote a book about his VO life:


I just received a hand-signed copy.

So cool! 😎

For context:

Through the HelloTalk mobile app, I’m giving (mostly Arabic-speaking) students a hand learning German by correcting their written texts and spoken-out-loud audio recordings of their texts.

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Feedback from an Egyptian student learning German with me made me realize how much people can appreciate nice, proper sentences

Leute finden es schön und sind dankbar, wenn man ihnen hilft, sich mit schönen Formulierungen textlich ausdrücken zu können.

I’ve underestimated how much they appreciate a clear sentence structured and concise speech.

Framer has something interesting for those building websites:

Framer Sites (Beta)

They say:

> You’ve never made a website this fast before. Really.

They aim to replace Figma + webflow for designing + publishing.

They aim to replace Sketch + Visual Studio Code + GitHub + Netlify.

And they aim to replace Adobe XD + Notion for all the documentation work you need to be doing around your designs.

Video “Get Started with Framer Sites” here:

Hi @aral

I just watched your latest video:

How to send an email

It’s cool to see how that works.

I only noticed at the end of the Vimeo video that there’s no text on/in the the call-to-action button; it’s just white...

(see attached screenshot)

Big mouth floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee

If I’ve learned one thing from Muhammad Ali in Ken Burns’ documentary about Ali it’s his approach to marketing:

Until you’ve reached what you wanted, e.g. be a worldwide champion, be LOUD and seek attention, if it plays to your strength and character. When goal reached, become quiet.

But always keep your cool.

Sehr cool!

Radio Arabica - das erste lizensierte arabische Radio in Deutschland.

Hab heute zufällig davon erfahren, als ich am DAB-Radio rumgefriemelt hab.


Your brain does not know the difference between something that’s actually happened and a memory that you’ve created.


via Helena Lucia from SISU Journey

Why is art so important?

Well, art is a way to express oneself.

And if you don’t express yourself, you might as well not live anymore, because why live a shallow existence that is less meaningful and less deep than how it could be?

And that should be enough for now.

I’ll repeat that same process at the end of 2022:

* write my 2022 integrity report
* write my 2022 annual review
* write my 2022 annual startup review (
* write my personal goals for 2023
* write my business goals for 2023

Codeberg is a truly free and open-source service replacing Github for those who don't want to have their code recycled and sold by Microsoft line by line.

The service is built on the excellent open-source Gitea project, it's funded an maintaned by a community of users.
learn more from @codeberg :)

#Git #Github #Microsoft #Gitea #Codeberg #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Libre

I understand why people don’t like Germany 🇩🇪 , because who likes GERMs 🦠? ;)

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