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Lebensaufgabe: Bremsen und Faker identifizieren und ignorieren. Leute reden lassen. Eigenes Ding machen - mit den richtigen Partnern. Focus!

(21. Juni 2013, 10:04)

Some things will never change.

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If you’re curious about how I’m doing and what I’ve been up to 👉

Wanna meet in person or talk remotely? 👉

„Yes, I get to be alone in a dark room.”

Copywriters and voiceover artists are alike and (probably) thriving at the moment.

„These two US companies, between them, control what we can and cannot do on 99% of the world’s everyday mobile devices. We are talking about a de facto monopoly on the bounds of human communication.”

(via @aral)

@LienRag Yes, it’s mirrored to GitHub so it can reach people. And yes, we will use the status quo against the interests of the status quo ( Also, last I checked, GitHub wasn’t owned by Google or engaged in egregious surveillance (though don’t expect me to sing Microsoft any praises).

The canonical repositories are here:

PS. There are better targets for your ire than a two-person not-for-profit trying to make things better. Punch up, not down.

Do that at the end of each month.

If you wanna add a bit more sophistication, keep a simple list (first name, last name, email address) next to your email application, so you can do step 3 quicker.

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The *Extremely* Lazy Follow-Up (5 Steps)

Reaching out again is a PITA.

But you don’t have to keep track of each person individually.

Imagine it’s the end of the month and now…

Here’s the very very very lazy way of following up:

1. Open your business email account

2. Get into your „Sent” folder/tab

3. Check your last received/sent message with a particular person within this month

4. Send a new email reply/follow up

5. Pick the next person and repeat the two prior steps

This was a summary by where you learn the craft of voicing so you can stop guessing what works.

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Top 10 Voiceover Tips by Peter Dickson

What separates the amateur from the pro

1. Get comfortable in your studio

2. Have a streamlined process

3. Envision your ideal VO career

4. Create a work list the night before

5. Be proficient in at least one DAW

6. Don’t wait for the phone to ring

7. Back up your material

8. Diversify your income streams

9. Claim for relevant business expenses

10. Become a master at your chosen niche

[macOS] If you cannot delete a DataVaults file, try this…

1. Reboot into recovery mode (⌘-R as soon as you hear the startup chime)
2. Use the menu to open Terminal
3. Type "csrutil disable" + return
4. Then reboot
5. Now empty the trash.
6. Finally, re-enable SIP by booting back into recovery mode and using the command "csrutil enable".
7. Reboot and you are good to go.


Four years ago I met Mike who’s been developing It has always been a paid service but now (and at least until the end of 2020) he’s making it a public service.

The crux is…

You set a writing goal (X words) and when you write you only see the last letter you just typed.

This helps to get into flow.

I just tried it again (a few minutes ago) with 120 words and here’s the result…

Writing like that feels pretty good and it kills the inner censor/editor.

I hope it’s helpful for you.

Life is about discovery, not popularity;
it’s about permanence, not the ephemeral.

It’s about the people you connect with,
not whom you influence or manipulate.

Life is about being, not being something.

hello world, just quit twitter and i'll try this new social network, let's see :blob_aww:

Is this a proper mouth-and-nose mask?

My buddy Hannibal has some left(overs), he said…

Co-co-co-co-coro… nah, screw that…

It’s time for more uplifting stuff…

Bye Bye Corona

here’s my Sharona

Just launched: Improve your website copy using quantified data, from real people

„I don’t want to be a hero. I want to do what’s kind and responsible.”

(et al. about bikes being essential to homeless people)

A community friend of mine helped launch a new COVID–19 academic research + publication research tool.

The goal was to cut through interpretations of research and information, so we can form our own opinions. The research is organized by common questions. Many are peer-reviewed papers.

A record that relates to something that you feel inside you can listen to hundreds of times and it means something to your life.

Videos are disposable, they’re as disposable as television commercials. In fact that’s what they are, they’re four-minute television commercials for albums.

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Videos saturate very quickly.

You can look at a video six times and even it’s a fabulous video you've seen everything that’s in there and you don’t need to see it again.

Frank Zappa: 1984

You’re waiting for the next video that has the girl getting out of the car, midgets, chains, stuff in the ear, stuff in the face, you know, weird hair, clothes, light coming in a weird angle, zippers.

You’ve seen it and you're ready for the next one.

Anschauliche Arte-Sendung »#Seekabel: der unsichtbare Krieg«

»Google, Facebook und Microsoft versuchen ihre Macht auch durch die Verlegung von Kabeln auszuweiten. Letztendlich wird in ihrem Angebot dann nur der Internet-Zugang fehlen, der z.Z. noch von den Telefonanbietern vermarktet wird, bevor sie das gesamte Ökosystem des Internets kontrollieren.«

Zur Sendung:


#GAFAM #Internet #Infrastruktur #Überwachung #Snowden

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