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When quantity leads to quality, then the following is also true:

As a writer your measure is words written.

As a voice actor your measure is pieces acted out.

As a story producer your measure is stories produced.

Write. Act. Produce.

Do more of it, especially out of self-initiation, and not only on commission.

life has a very simple plot: first you’re here, then you’re not

(love the brevity of this piece of wisdom)

Loving these Cyberpunk 🤖🦾🦿👩‍🎤 tunes by fellow creator Aleix Ramon

Fave ⭐️ track: Breaking the Matrix

(can’t help but hear a lot of RAMMSTEIN in the track \^^/)

2nd fave track: Party Like it's 2099

3rd fave: Neo-Tokyo


Forget what I said about using ZoneEdit to have a DNS Provider for my domain!

Namecheap reached out to me via Twitter* and they made me aware of their FreeDNS service for domains that were not registered with them.

Cool! Great. Convenient, since I am a Namecheap customer, and money saved 🤑.


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== Total costs:

* $26,50 US for my new domain.

it’s a bit pricier than i would’ve thought, but it’s still okay.

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What I ended up doing was finding a DNS Provider, ZoneEdit was my choice, based on what Pete Keen wrote on his blog:

= Costs for WorldBus:

* $11,50 US for the registration and the yearly renewal of the .GE domain
* $3 US ID Protection - to protect personal information and reduce the amount of spam to mx inbox

= Costs for ZoneEdit:

* $12 US for 1 year to have custom DNS records for my .GE domain


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i guess i was spoiled using Namecheap to manage my domains and adjust DNS records

For my old website I now bought a new, much shorter domai,, the TLD representing Georgia, the country in the Caucasus region.

Trying to find a .GE domain registry, I chose WorldBus:

What I didn’t know is, they don’t allow you to edit DNS records (type A, type AAAA, etc.).


How do I overcome this hurdle, my tendency to procrastinate projects that are close to my heart, whereas with client work I can just do it without (much) procrastination?

Any (mental) tips?

I respect any pacifism, I respect any attitude, but it must seem cynical to a citizen of Ukraine 🇺🇦 to be told to defend himself against Putin’s aggression without weapons. This is out of time.

We will not allow borders to be moved and territory to be conquered by force here.

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🇺🇸 [Video] German Chancellor Olaf Scholz speaks/raps to the peace beat

We are in solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine 🇺🇦 who are defending their own country.

They are under attack from a big neighbor; a country that invades the other. Russia has no business in Ukraine 🇺🇦. I call on the Russian President: Let the weapons be silent! Withdraw your troops! Respect the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine 🇺🇦!

Wir werden nicht zulassen, dass hier mit Gewalt Grenzen verschoben und ein Territorium erobert wird.

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Ich fordere den russischen Präsidenten auf: Lassen Sie die Waffen schweigen! Ziehen Sie Ihre Truppen zurück! Respektieren Sie die Souveränität und die Unabhängigkeit der Ukraine 🇺🇦!

Ich respektiere jeden Pazifismus, ich respektiere jede Haltung, aber es muss einem Bürger der Ukraine 🇺🇦 zynisch vorkommen, wenn ihm gesagt wird, er solle sich gegen die Putinsche Aggression ohne Waffen verteidigen. Das ist aus der Zeit gefallen.

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🇩🇪 [Video] Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz spricht/rappt zum Friedens-Beat

Wir sind solidarisch mit den Bürgerinnen und den Bürgern der Ukraine 🇺🇦, die ihr eigenes Land verteidigen.

Sie sind angegriffen von einem großen Nachbarn; ein Land, das das andere überfällt. Russland hat in der Ukraine 🇺🇦 nichts zu suchen.

Learned 🙇

Research is when you don’t know if it’s possible.

Development is when you know it’s possible, and you need to do the engineering work to try to make it into a device, or an invention.


Twenty Thousand Hertz
The Gift
December 25, 2017


Learned 🙇

If you want to have the freedom to invest in expensive, long-term research, you have to earn enough to self-fund.


Twenty Thousand Hertz
The Gift
December 25, 2017


Just learned about the origin of macOS’ `Sonumi` / `Sosumi` system sound - derived from “so, sue me!” because of legal battle of Apple vs. Beatles

via this podcast episode:

Twenty Thousand Hertz
Let It Beep
November 27, 2017

More information:

Reddit thread: R.I.P. Sosumi 1991-2020

Berlin, former Russian sector, 10:11 PM local time, in a local tram, middle-aged, Russian-speaking male, carrying a bottle of alcohol in one hand and a loudspeaker in the other hand, listening to Queen’s “Show Must Go On” and babbling the lyrics.

I can’t help but feeling a metaphorical connection to what “Boris Putin” has been doing.

It’s interesting what drugs, rock‘n’roll, and an inflated ego that is lacking hugs can do to a person, and that it has consequences to the environment.


aber auch Dinge wie die Tatsache, dass ich nicht drahtlos mit meiner Debitkarte bezahlen kann, was unangenehm ist, wenn man im Supermarkt ist und die gekauften Sachen eigentlich im Kühlschrank sein sollten, aber stattdessen im Einkaufswagen warten, während man aus dem Supermarkt rennt, um Bargeld von einer Bank zu holen, die mit der eigenen Bank verbunden ist, um eben solche Bargeldauszahlungen - gebührenfrei - zu ermöglichen. Viel Glück!

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Sich auf das Leben einlassen heißt, das Leben mit voller Wucht zu erleben

Ich weiß nicht, warum das so ist, aber sobald ich mich aktiv auf das Leben einlasse und versuche, meinen Weg selbst in die Hand zu nehmen, anstatt die Dinge auf mich zukommen zu lassen und mit dem Strom zu schwimmen oder es dem Flow zu überlasse, wird mit tatsächlich Leben eingehaucht, z. B. gute Begegnungen und guter Austausch mit Leuten,...

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which is inconvenient when you’re in a supermarket and the things you bought are supposed to be in the fridge, but instead they’re waiting in the cart while you are running out of the supermarket to get some cash from a bank that is affiliated with your bank to enable precisely such cash withdrawals - free of charge. Good luck!

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